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Your Suffering Will Be Legendary Even In Hell

Posted September 27th, 2010 at 09:13 PM by S.R. Krol
Hey, guess what, kids? Playing with more characters in Castle Ravenloft simply means there's much more pain being dealt out on a regular basis.

This is brutal stuff. The problem boils down to two things: there is far too much damage accrued each turn and there is far too little to then heal that damage. With those two thoughts in mind I present to you some house rules that will hopefully alleviate these issues.

Shared XP pool. Experience points are supposed to be kept individually but considering that it's a party versus system game, and in fact if one person loses everyone loses, why not keep them pooled? That way the party is able to cancel an event card, not just the player who drew the event card, whom may not have enough XP to kill it.

Waiting does not trigger events.
If a character does not explore in the turn no event card is drawn. Considering that hanging around a room gives no bonus to players (there are no spells in the game to memorize, no natural healing, no searching, et cetera) why punish someone for not advancing to the next room? In our games there have been many times in which we had to stick around and fight someone for a couple of character turns, why add events on top of that?

Leveling does not require a nat twenty. Spend 5 XP and level. Forget only being able to do so if you roll a natural twenty. It's not like second level drastically alters the game.

Events only occur 50% of the time. When you explore a tile with a black triangle roll the d20. On a 11-20 no event card is drawn. There will still be plenty of nastiness in the game.

Disarmed traps count for XP.
Disarm a trap and earn 1 XP, unless you're a rogue in which case you get 2 XP.

Healing surges can be purchased.
A healing surge can be purchased for 6 XP.
Another thought was this isn't done, but instead healing surges when activated effect all characters. Think of it as resting overnight.

We haven't tried these enough to know if they break the game, or even help, but the idea was to modify the base game slightly but not get so far removed it's not even the basic game anymore. If you try any of these let me know how well they work for you.
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