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PN79 May 27th, 2006 07:07 PM

spob37 Czechoslovakia
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*** NEW VERSION 19/July/06 ***
Because there is new version of winspww2 (thanks for it!!!) and there is some changes in prices of units so there is new version of czechoslovak oob.

ST vzor 39 - accuracy of gun corrected (lower)
10.5cm vz.35 RG now have anti-tank ammunition
minor corrections (pictures, dates,...)

Units of Goverment Forces (Vladni Vojsko)
- This small army was created in Bohemia and Moravia as czech protectorate army. Although this army was under strict german control there were anti-nazi sympathies. Because of fear from uprising Germans decided to move most of Goverment Forces to Italy as sentry force against partizans in 1944. Goverment forces were however ineffective (many soldiers deserted to italian partizans) so they were disarmed and used as labour force in Italy.
Units of Goverment Forces which stayed in Bohemia and Moravia than joined uprising against Germans in 1945.

Czech and Slovak Legion in Poland
This unit was officially created after German attack on Poland. There were some fights against Germans but later whole Legion was captured by Soviets and sent to Siberia (They were released after German attack on the USSR).


VERSION 17/June/06
What is there?
added riverboats
added french guns used in early '30
(105mm L mle 1913 Gun and 155mm C mle 1917 Howitzer)
modified some units (especially artillery and trucks) and minor corrections in organization

* added forts for human player only *
Czechoslovak forts were mostly designated to side firing and there forts can fire only one direction.
Because there are many forts for human player some light forts are in "Fort" as other forts for computer (but AI can not buy them).

So how to use it? - all units for one fort should be on one place

LIGHT FORTS - placed in line, distance up to 400 metres (usually 200-300 metres)
"LO vz.37 A side" - two units - aimed at right and left side of battlefield (there should be hill at front of this fort)
"LO vz37 B front" and "LO vz.37 B side" - front aimed at front (usually to protect some road) and one side to left or right
"LO vz.37 D side" - simple fort with one MG aimed at one side - only one unit (there should be hill at front of this fort)

HEAVY FORTS - placed in line, distance up to 1000 metres
there are usually "front, side a, side b, rear"
better heavy forts have there only one type of "side" used twice - so always 4 units are used at one place to simulate heavy fort. There should be hill at front of these forts - front MGs are only for close defence.

Ahead of line from heavy forts should be continuous line of obstacles (antitank and wires)

Behind line from heavy forts was sometimes line from light forts (about 500 metres behind + supplemented with "LO vz. 37 E" directly behind heavy fort and aimed at it)

Sometimes there were also the third line from light forts behind heavy forts.


Hallo all
I reworked czechoslovak spob - the first half for prewar army. There are many changes.

Main Changes:
LT vzor 34 - weaker armor, less effective gun, speed, radio, date, ...
LT vzor 35 - less effective gun, speed, radio, date, ...
LT vzor 38 - gun, speed, radio, date, ...
(note all prototype weapons have radio X3, start in 9/38 and are in some way marked against other weapons)
ST vzor 39 - - weaker armor, less effective gun, speed, radio, date, ...

Tancik vz. 33, OA vz. 27, OA vz. 30 - minor changes (dates, speed)
added Skoda PA-II - although this armoured car was not accepted to inventory batch of them was built

added police cars (used older army armoured cars)

added export tanks (S-IIa-R, TNH-P, LTH, LTP) and export tankettes (S-I-D, AH-IV-P, AH-IV-R, AH-IV-Sv) - during mobilisation all weapons produced for export were confiscated by army (add 10 complete tanks and about 40 tanks in production in september 1938)

AT-Guns - minor changes in AP effectivity, change in organisation
AA-Gun - renaming and change organisation

renaming to Infantry Squads and Platoons, changed organization from squad to company
added more infantry units with different weapons
added mountain units
change in MG units
added AAMG units (yes this units really exist)

added SOS units - this is Straz Obrany Statu (Guard of Defence of State), units formed from army and police to serve on borders - during its existence died 262 men, 316 were wounded and 2029 men were captured by Germans and deported to Germany

added bunkers:
LO vz. 36 A, B, C
LO vz. 37 A, B, C, D, E
- this represents main versions of light fortifications
Fort 1,2, I, II, III, IV
- this represents main versions of heavy fortifications
Mortar Fort - armed with Fort Mortars - weapon which in fact was not in fortress in time
Artillery Fort - several artillery forts were built but 10cm fort howitzers were not completed at the end of september 1938
Rotary Artillert Turret - like previous

added heavy AA Guns - actually this type of weapons are not
used in this game but I added it - you can write there if it is good or bad idea
7.5cm PL vz.37 - not entered service
8cm PL vz. 37
8.35cm PL vz.22
9cm PL vz.12/20

added and modified many mortars, guns and howitzers + modified organization - list:

8cm vzor 36 Mortar
9cm vzor 17 Mortar
14cm vzor 18 Mortar
26cm vzor 17 Heavy Mortar
21cm vzor 18 Siege Mortar
30.5cm vzor 16 Siege Mortar

7.5cm Chinese Gun (vzor 14 - originally intended to export to China)
7.5cm French Gun (mle 1897 FG)
7.5cm vzor 15 Mountain Gun
8cm vzor 5/8 Light Gun (76.5)
8cm vzor 17 Gun (76.5)
8cm vzor 30 Gun (76.5)

10cm vz. 14/19 Light Howitzer
10cm vz.30 Light Howitzer
10cm vz.16/19 Mountain Howitzer
10.5cm vz.35 Rough Gun

15cm vz.14/16 Rough Howitzer
15cm vz.25 Rough Howitzer
15cm vz.37 Rough Howitzer - not entered service
15cm vz.15 Heavy Howitzer
15cm vz.15/16 Heavy Gun
24cm vz.16 Heavy Gun

added many aircraft and modified others (note - all bombs loaded were really in service + 10 kg bomb is vzor 37 so for late use of it) - list:

Aero A-30
Aero A-230
Aero A-32
Aero A-100
Aero Ab-101
Aero MB-200 - licence built french bomber
Avia BH-21
Ba 33 (BH-33L) - Ba 33 is military designation different from factory d.
Avia B-34
Avia B-534
"Avia Bk-534 -" - cannon variant of B-534 but actually without cannon, production of aircraft started sooner than cannon was usable
Avia F-IX - originally fokker transport aircraft rebuilt as bomber
Avia B-71 - soviet SB-2 used by Czechoslovakia, first batch was delivered with licence bought
Letov S-16
Letov S-616
Letov S-20
Letov S-128
Letov S-328
Letov S-528
Letov S-31
Letov S-231
Skoda D-1

+ prototypes:
Avia Bk534 - with cannon
Avia B-35 - new modern fighter, batch of this aircrafts was in production but...
Aero A-300 - modern bomber, too late for production
Aero A-304 - originally developed as civil transport aircraft, proposed by military for recon and light strike, in production but...

I have changed position of prototype tanks in formations and I give to this position MG Company - So text for prototype tanks are now in bad position.
You can rename ft037025.txt to ft037006.txt in GAMEDATA\TEXT\ if you want to use this modified spob.
That is because AI used that prototype weapons.

Computer AI can use this spob without limitation.

Pavel Novak

PN79 May 30th, 2006 05:22 AM

Re: spob37 Czechoslovakia
eee Sorry to all
I just uploaded new version of my spob:
sizes of Avia B-71 and Avia F-IX is now correct
(but in slovak spob is still wrong for B-71 - look at soviet SB-2 and bulgarian B.71)

added "dragoons" unit armed with "vz.38 SMG" - this weapon was accepted but none production so radio code X3

I hope now it is complete for Czechoslovakia 1930-1939
(without riverboats http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/images/smilies/frown.gif )

Nemo_cz May 30th, 2006 07:20 PM

Re: spob37 Czechoslovakia
Good work! Something I wanted to do myself http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/images/smilies/smile.gif
What does mean "*" in the beginning of the unit name?
PA-II cars had 4 MGs, but they were not able to fire them at once. Maybe it would be better to let them with 2 MGs.

PN79 May 30th, 2006 09:04 PM

Re: spob37 Czechoslovakia
"*" mean that this unit was not in service in fact (like vz.39 Rifle, 10cm vz.38 Fort Howitzer,...). Although these weapons were accepted to service and production started in some cases (15cm vz.37 Rough Howitzer,...) it was too late for using it in military service. Computer will never buy it.

About PA-II you are right - 2 MGs is better. I plan to add riverboats so then I change this.

Marek_Tucan May 31st, 2006 02:35 AM

Re: spob37 Czechoslovakia

Nemo_cz said:
PA-II cars had 4 MGs, but they were not able to fire them at once. Maybe it would be better to let them with 2 MGs.

IIRC it had a twin MG in the turret and two BMG's facing at opposite directions, no? Then I'd suggest three machineguns... In game most likely two eapon slots, one representing the twin and the other representing the BMG.

A vubec, co sem napsat neco cesky at je tady taky trocha konstruktivniho chaosu? http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/images/smilies/wink.gif

Marek_Tucan May 31st, 2006 02:36 AM

Re: spob37 Czechoslovakia
Great job, looking forward to playtesting it http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/images/smilies/cool.gif

JaM May 31st, 2006 03:08 AM

Re: spob37 Czechoslovakia
V pohode...

PN79 May 31st, 2006 08:03 AM

Re: spob37 Czechoslovakia
So about PA-II (and other prewar czechoslovak armor), nice info is there:

Turret of PA-II is not rotary and only 2 MG can fire by one direction. So to simulate it we can use armoured car with rotating turret with 2 MG. I think.

Kdyz se nas tu tak seslo, nezna nekdo presnou organizaci jezdeckych jednotek (druzstvo, ceta, rota - nebo spis jejich jezdecke ekvivalenty)?

Nemo_cz June 1st, 2006 06:52 AM

Re: spob37 Czechoslovakia
Kdyz se nas tu tak seslo, nezna nekdo presnou organizaci jezdeckych jednotek (druzstvo, ceta, rota - nebo spis jejich jezdecke ekvivalenty)?

from "Miloslav John - Zari 1938":
zakladni jednotku tvorilo druzstvo (pusky+1 LK vz.26)
3 druzstva = ceta (35 jezdcu)
4 cety = eskadrona
3 eskadrony = korouhev
2 korouhve = dragounsky pluk

PLUK = 1.korouhev mela 3 eskadrony jezdecke, 2.korouhev mela 2 esk. jezdecke a 1 kulometnou s TK vz. 24, pozdeji vz.37
pluk mel jeste nahradni korouhev, asi s 2 eskadronami (nahradni a remontni)
nektere pluky mely jeste cyklistickou eskadronu = 1 ceta strelecka a 1 ceta kulometna
od 30. let jeste cetu KPUV

jezdectvo bylo nutno rozclenovat do malych jednotek o kone byly pouzivany jen k rychelsim presunum. po presunu k bojove care jezdci sesedli a bojovali jako pechota. z techto duvodu doslo k prejmenovani jezdeckych pluku na dragounske. pruzkumna cinnost, ktera byla vzdy domenou jezdectva, musela byt take kombinovana s pesim pruzkumem.

Mobhack June 1st, 2006 07:35 AM

Re: spob37 Czechoslovakia
The posting language in this group is English, please remember!.

There is no problem with a foreign-language bit added to a message to clarify things etc, but the main body of the post should be in English.


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