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hmsdreadnought April 4th, 2009 06:34 PM

Incredible victories of Japan ?
Hello everybody.
I am a belgian player.
I use the download game, first version (I don't have till download the patch).
I play only standard game (I didn't find the others scenarios).
Game 1 : I lost.
Game 2 to 4, I win.
1 ) Game 5 and the others, I lost... because reaction of AI : I receive now max 8 amphib US group, and Japan 21 !!!
It is no more possible to invade the countries with oil (Java, Leyte...), because no amphib group enough.
Without amphib group, no possible to try to win.
Is it a reaction of IA or a bug ?
2) My 2 last games : with no amphib US group enough, I change my strategy. I attack always by Pacific Central or Samoa or Brisbane to sunk the max of japan carriers. But when Japan had no more carriers, after one turn, the game say that Japan win because he go after 1944 ?? Example : in October 1944, I am ready to recuperate the country with oil, Japan had no carrier, I think : now, I begin to amuse with big campaign… but game say : Japan win !? I don’t understand because during my 5 first games, I play to July 1945 ?
The same when Japan have no carriers in april 1944.
AI accelerate the game when Japan have no more carriers ?
But it is a terrific game and I have much pleasure to play !!!

oldranger1022 June 22nd, 2009 12:44 PM

Re: Incredible victories of Japan ?
Hello to all. New to forum, but not gaming. Couple of quick points. Love the concept of this game-tired of playing big ones all the time (War Plan Orange, etc) so much upgraded to new computer to play it. Also, I don't claim to be best gamer in the world, but I do win more often than not. That being said, I am frustrated. I have beat Japan ONCE out of about 15 games. Japan wins by 'surviving to Nov 44, Jan 45, Feb 45, etc'. As an example, in one game I had been boming them with B-29's since Mar 44, they had no CV's or CVL's, 1 BB, 3 damaged CA's and 1 CL. I had possion of Marshalls, Tarawa, Truk, Leyte, Luzon, Singapore, Java, Borneo, Iwo, Okanaowa, and all bases east of same and had lost only 4 carriers, 4 BB's, and about 7 CA/CL's. Feb 45 turn, screen pops up 'Japan Win, survived until Feb 45'. Whats up with that? I know there's a random 'Japan win possiable' generated every turn from 44 on, but shouldn't it be adjusted for overwelming allied force/position? Yes, they had an oil stockpile, but NOTHING to give oil too. Can someone please advise? Thanks in advanced. (please excuse the spelling)

JMHawkins September 26th, 2009 08:43 PM

Re: Incredible victories of Japan ?

Did you run some convoys to the B-29 bases after you captured them? They need to be rebuilt to functional status in order to contribute bombing points. The odds for a Japanese victory go down as the number of functional bomber bases goes up, and as the balance of remaining ships tilts towards the Allied player. It's possible for Japan to get lucky once in a while, but it shouldn't happen all the time.

-John Hawkins
KE Studios

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