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Pats July 2nd, 2013 05:19 PM

obat46 Austria
Units 006/007/008/009 Kuerassier have 6 Smoke Dischargers.
Yes, they have 6 tubes, but how I understood the game, that doesn't mean they have 6 charges... :confused:

DRG July 2nd, 2013 11:58 PM

Re: obat46 Austria
Correct. It's how many smoke screens they can produce.

On the list


KAreil November 2nd, 2013 05:51 AM

Re: obat46 Austria

I found one very minor thing with the Austrian Leopard 2 and Ulan.

They are listed in the game as using the MG74 as Coax-MG.

In fact they are using a belgian FN-machingun like the Leopard 2 tanks of the Netherlands.

Best Regards,

DRG November 2nd, 2013 08:55 AM

Re: obat46 Austria

KAreil April 13th, 2014 03:34 AM

Re: obat46 Austria

First of all I know you guys are taking a break now and you really deserve it! :up:

When you come back, please consider following suggestions for missing stuff in the OOB:

1.) Austria does have dedicated paratroops - namely the Jägerbataillon 25.



From what I found out so far they are organized like normal Jäger-troops (already in game) without the mortars I guess and paratroop unit class.

2.) Austria also does have dedicated mountain troops, Gebirgsjäger like Germany - e.g. Jägerbataillon 23, 24, 26.


Again I would remove the at least the heavy mortars and switch the unit class.

For now I will just mess around with MobHack myself (thanks for the good documentation) but it would be nice to be in a future update done professionally.

Best Regards,

KAreil April 13th, 2014 04:25 AM

Re: obat46 Austria
As I can't edit my post - I have to double-post:

Austria also has Hercules transport planes for the paratroops:

KAreil December 26th, 2014 11:58 AM

Re: obat46 Austria
1 Attachment(s)
Hi @ all!

I did some more research and included my above suggestions in a modified OOB for Austria.

Additionally some new units and changes to old ones were done, changelog is in the quotes.

I'm glad for any comments, tips!

Is there anything special I've got to do to get this OOB into the next patch?


obat46 - Austria: (Adapted from default obat of WinSPMBT 8.0)

*************** KAreil v1.00 *************


Formation 012 "Tank Platoon"
Available Until: CHANGED "12 of 120" to "12 of 109"


NEW: Formation 019 "Tank Platoon" copied from Formation 012 "Tank Platoon"
Available from "1 of 110" to "12 of 120"
Pos 5: DELETED unit 11 "Charioteer"


Formation 002 "Tank Company"
Available Until: CHANGED "12 of 120" to "12 of 109"


NEW: Formation 003 "Tank Company" copied from Formation 002 "Tank Company"
Available from "1 of 110" to "12 of 120"
Pos 3: EXCHANGED unit 1012 "Tank Platoon" with unit 1019 "Tank Platoon"
Pos 4: EXCHANGED unit 1012 "Tank Platoon" with unit 1019 "Tank Platoon"
Pos 5: EXCHANGED unit 1012 "Tank Platoon" with unit 1019 "Tank Platoon"

(From 2010 on, only 4 tanks per platoon)


Formation 190 "PzGren Ulan Pl"
Pos 4: EXCHANGED unit 73 "Carl Gustav Tm" with unit 98 "Rifle Section"
Pos 5: EXCHANGED unit 73 "Carl Gustav Tm" with unit 36 "Ulan"
Pos 9: DELETED unit 36 "Ulan"

(Personal experience from 2004/05, platoons use 4 full squads)


Formation 191 "PzGren Ulan Co"
POS 6: DELETED 1071 "SP Mortar Sec"

(Personal experience from 2004/05, no selfpropelled mortars available in active units)


NEW: Unit 206 "Rifle Section" copied from unit 204 "Rifle Section"
Weapon 3: CHANGED ammo "HE 0, AP 4" to "HE 2, AP 2"

(Personal experience from 2004/05, HE grenades and AP grenades available for Carl Gustav)


Unit 036 "Ulan"
Weapon 2: CHANGED 49 "7.62mm MG74 CMG" to 63 "7.62mm FN CMG"


Unit 038 "Ulan HA"
Weapon 2: CHANGED 49 "7.62mm MG74 CMG" to 63 "7.62mm FN CMG"




NEW: Weapon 125 "12.7mm Rem MG" copied from weapon 068 Obat12 "USA"


NEW: Weapon 126 "7.62mm Rem MG" copied from weapon 049 "7.62mm MG74 CMG"


NEW: Unit 255 "Dingo II" copied from unit 620 Obat44 "Germany"
Available from "05 105" to "12 120"
Weapon 1: EXCHANGED 12x "" with 126 "7.62mm Rem MG"
Weapon 2: DELETED 55 "12.7mm M2 AAMG"
Carry: CHANGED "106" to "107"
Cost: CHANGED "53" to "40"


NEW: Unit 256 "Dingo II" copied from unit 255 "Dingo II"
Weapon 1: EXCHANGED 47 "7.62mm MG74AAMG" with 125 "12.7mm Rem MG"
Cost: CHANGED "40" to "44"


NEW: Formations 164..166 "x Dingo II" for Misc. Tab


NEW: Unit 265 "Iveco LMV" copied from unit 220 "VML 19 S" Obat 34 "Italy"
Available from "01 109" to "12 120"
Weapon 1: EXCHANGED 049 "7.62mm MG74 CMG" with 125 "12.7mm Rem MG"


NEW: Unit 266 "Iveco LMV" copied from unit 265 "Iveco LMV"
Unit Class: CHANGED from 32 "Scout Vehicle" to 26 "Utility Vehicle"
Radio: CHANGED from "92" to "33"
Cost: CHANGED from "23" to "21"


NEW: Formation 168 "MRV Recon Pl" copied from formation 070 "Mot Recon Pl"
Available from "05 105" to "12 108"
Pos 6: EXCHANGED unit 61 "Dodge 4 x 4" with unit 255 "Dingo II"
Pos 7: EXCHANGED unit 61 "Dodge 4 x 4" with unit 255 "Dingo II"
Pos 8: EXCHANGED unit 61 "Dodge 4 x 4" with unit 255 "Dingo II"


NEW: Formation 169 "MRV Recon Pl" copied from formation 168 "MRV Recon Pl"
Available from "01 109" to "12 120"
Pos 2: EXCHANGED unit 66 "Jeep" with unit 265 "Iveco LMV"





NEW: Units 344...374 "FJg.."
NEW: Formations 220...240 "FJg.."

[Dates of availability not certain, at the moment a conservative estimate is used]

(JaegerBataillon 25 is trained for Airborne Operations ==> Paratroopers ==> FallschirmJäger)


shahadi December 26th, 2014 12:42 PM

Re: obat46 Austria
There at most two ways to approach your changes to the Austrian OOB. You choose to modify the OOB, requiring interested parties to download it, or you could have changed the units using the Editor and/or Scenhack. Personally, I would have used the latter so as not to inconvenience players and really the OOBs serve as the Pick List for the AI primarily.

When you want to use a unit from a different country you can make that country an ally in the Editor and then make your purchase, and edit as needed in Scenhack or use the Editor.

Concerning formations, form them in the OOB above slot 900. If unit changes are required, make them in the Editor or the Scenhack after a purchase.

Thanks for the references as it appears you've done the research and I accept your personal experiences as a qualified source... big thanks for the effort.

I'll give it a drive and share my experience in the forum.

Suhiir December 26th, 2014 11:33 PM

Re: obat46 Austria
I'll emphasize what shahdi said.

Unless you're essentially rebuilding the OOB (due to changes/corrections - this will require people to download your revised OOB) you're FAR better off just using the editor and changing whatever is needed on Default OOB units.

If you need specific formations for a scenario as shahadi said just create them in a modified alternative OOB (never EVER mess with the Default OOBs) using currently empty formations (as said it's best to put them in one place starting at 8-900 so you can find them easily). You can then buy those formations for your scenario, and it makes no difference what-so-ever to players as formations are only used when purchasing stuff (as a player or the AI) for a battle/scenario/campaign.

Keep in mind that weapons data and ammo loads (particularly for small arms) are in most cases "standardized" throughout the game so real world data may well differ. For instance; most 7.62mm "battle" rifles have a range of 10, any "assault" rifle (5.56mm for instance) has a range of 8.

shahadi December 28th, 2014 04:52 AM

Re: obat46 Austria
I'm moving the rest of my comments to Campaigns, Scenarios & Maps forum.

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