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spillblood June 15th, 2011 06:28 AM

Re: Post 1.06 Patch Bug List

Originally Posted by ScottWAR (Post 775773)
Im still watching, hoping something comes out of this.

I am starting to consider just giving up on PC wargaming. It seems almost every game is either a game of mobile rock/paper/scissors, or so complicated to the point of choosing what brand of toothpaste the troops use. Wargames that require planning, combined arms, and dont require you to quit your job to play just dont seem to be getting made any longer.

The last three wargames I have bought have been disappointments.

-Empires of Steel----Actually a VERY good game. But it has two real issues. Only the player has to deal with fog of war and sight range,...the AI sees everything through fog of war even beyond the sight range of the units in the game,..the AI knows if you have a sub across the map from it. The second problem is the developer has taken a 'real' job, and has said he will not be making any more updates for the game barring any real big bugs. If he would fix the AI cheating issues it would not be a problem as the game is damn good every where else. But as it stands,...just another game where the developer took the money and ran without finishing the product they sold.

-Advanced Tactics Gold---- Again another really good game that really gets snakebit by one issue. The games AI cant use some of the units that are in the game. What?????? You make a wargame,...with all the usual units and somehow think its ok that the AI for the game cant use some of the units in the game,....particularly aircraft carriers. One of my favorite aspects of a game of this type is naval warfare. And this is an UPGRADE??????Maybe fixing the BIGGEST problem would have been a good idea.

-And this game,....which I dont need to really repeat the issues with.

It seems todays developers are really lacking in their ability to code a decent AI.

Hey, noticed this post yesterday. Thanks for that. The same thing applies to World Supremacy, I think. Yeah, a playable Grand Strategy / Wargame with good AI would be great. I think AIs for games like these are simply hard to code and obviously too difficult for the small companies that made these games. A Grand Strategy Wargame with good AI is also what I was looking for when I bought WS, so it was simply a terrible disappointment for me.

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