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Rosollia October 21st, 2012 01:35 PM

Operation Pinniped Sea Mammal
This is a mini AAR for the scenario "A Pinniped Sea Mammal " that is posted here:

While getting to the beach I lost about 6 landing craft. Most were lost to enemy fighter planes. Two were lost to bunker fire. The assault stopped on the beach. It took until turn 26 to break the stalemate. It was useless to try and push through with my troops and suffer heavy casualties so I just waited for my mortars, infantry guns and minesweepers to bombard the enemy defences. Infantry advanced slow one hex at a time looking for a weak spot.

I lost two Panzerjäger Is in the beach as well as a Panzder IV, tauchpanzer III and a Panzer II. The Panzerjäger Is were taken out by enemy planes and the PZIV, TauchPZIII and PZII were lost to enemy bunker fire. Also infantry took hits from enemy gun fire and flame traps, but the casualties were not too heavy. Suprisingly the enemy did not consentrate artillery fire in an effective manner on my landing beach which was packed full. Also lost some "useless" units like field wagons & AT guns on the beach. I have no idea what units went to the bottom of the sea onboard the sunken barges.

At turn 26 the breakout was a reality. Now it was a matter of keeping the momentum. Tank obstacles, barbed wire and mines were a major hindrance and a path needed to be painstakingly created with pioneers.

At Turn 32 the Town hall was reached. Here the enemy tried a counter attack that failed with infantry routed and two matilda II tanks destroyed. Also destroyed was an armored car. Taking out bunkers in the city was no problem since they were easy to flank unlike in the beach. Lost a Tauchpanzer III to a booby trap.

Turn 43: After the failed enemy counter attack on turn 32 it was easy going until I stumbled upon Canadian infantry trying to advance from the North along the highway. Luckily the luftwaffe still had plenty of planes for strafing and together with the firepower of the remaining German tanks the Canadians were desimated. In the town the british HQ unit did a crazy and desperate charge and caused casualties and panic on two of my infantry squads before it was taken out.

Turn 44 Southern victory hexes taken and enemy artillery park destroyed with no resistance apart from some AAmg fire that was soon silenced.

Turn 48 all victory flags taken. A couple of bunkers & AAMG were left in the South and North cliffs, but apart from that all enemy units routed off the map or destroyed. A marginal victory was achieved much to my suprise. Casualties were heavy and it was a tough fight. There was doubt if I could get my troops off the beach at all but patience payed off in the end.

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