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Graeme October 15th, 2010 04:44 PM

DAR: 4. Panzer
Started a long German campaign, full amount of battles, trying to keep it pretty realistic by using as authentic an order of battle as possible I found on military history websites. I chose 4th Panzer Division as they are there at the start and pretty much near the end of the war, may change it later and amalgamate the division into a larger corps.

Order of battle (Sep 1939)

Divisionstab - HQ
84. Motorcycle Messenger Platoon -Kradmelder light motorcycles
12. Sch├╝tzen Regiment
Numerous Infanterie zugs, heavy machine guns, snipers, AT etc, Motorised in Sdkfz 251's

5. Panzer Brigade
2 x Panzer Regiment

Panzer Regiment 35
PzKw I - 8
PzKw II - 6
PzKw IV (75mm Short) - 2
PzBef - 1

Panzer Regiment 36
PzKw I - 8
PzKw II - 6
PzKw IV (75mm Short) - 2
PzBef - 1

7. Reconnaissance Battalion (mot)
Signals Platoon (mot) - Sdkfz 223 VB
2 x Armroed Car Platoon - Sdfkfz 222's & Sdkfz's 234(8 rad)
Motorcycle Company - Kraftrad MG's

49. Panzerabwehr Battalion
3 x Battery (mot) 6 x 3.7 Pak 35/36 2 x Flak 88's

103. Artillery Regiment -
Signals Platoon (mot) Artilerie VB + Utility vehicle
2 x Battalion (mot) 6 x Sig 33's

Engineer Units

3/79. Pioneer Battalion - Pioneer Zug

Support & Supply Units - LKW Ammo truck

Have to say I quite enjoyed putting together the core forces following the historical info where available. Even at the cost of putting in the excellent Panzer III's.

Opposing forces have been given the 150% to get extra forces to simulate Russian greater numbers later in the campaign.

First battle by way of a warm up or crossing the border was a decisive victory over the Poles.

German losses Polish losses
Men 62 1000
Arty 1 7
Sft Veh 1 0
APC's 0 0
AFV's 2 50
Air trans 1 0
Aircraft 3 0

(Note, Ive had a few battles against the Poles in a previous campaign which I didnt get far with before starting this. Giving the enemy the extra spending points led to the Poles fielding 9TP tanks for the first time Ive seen, these tanks can take some punishment and are much better then what the Germans have.)

Next battle will be using the Battle of Mokra battle map which is one of the standard scenarios, will be nice to use an authentic map instead of the generated one. Simulating the real http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Mokra.

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