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StormcloudCreations February 11th, 2004 05:48 PM

Dev. Notes: Feb 11
Well, its almost ready. Thanks to all for the great response to testing the 1.6 patch.

It's rapidly approaching completion, and is in internal testing (my own) now. Nearly all the bugs reported here have been squashed, and nearly all the new features are in and working.

Had to take a few days off to nurse my SWMBO out of the bug that I probably gave her (nasty stomach/chest combo bug floating around this area of Central CA), but I still pecked away at it during that time, and it looks pretty good.

I've added sending your warriors on quests, bribery (you can bribe them, and they may offer to bribe you), a new random "Gift from the Gods" feature that can give you or your warriors surprise bonuses, an award at the end of the season based on your record (or possible penalty or getting the boot if your record is consistently bad for awhile, adding more emphasis to wins and losses), and a playoff display that displays the progression of the playoffs, even if one of your guys doesn't make it, along with some new enchantments, and a host of little tweaks (including the elimination of the Exit Arena button after a fight; it now goes straight to the simming screen after a few second pause, making it just one click now and quickening the game a bit).

And yes, i've made the decision: save games will no longer be deleted when loaded with the new patch. People can load and save to their hearts content. You'll just have to bear in mind only 3 save games can be stored at once under 3 different manager names, so if you want to save a 4th, you'll have to delete one of the other 3 if you're all full.

The timeline now is TBA, but my estimate places it about 3-5 days from now.

Feel free to post comments!

[ February 11, 2004, 15:51: Message edited by: StormcloudCreations ]

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