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sigeena September 12th, 2012 10:25 PM

Japanese Long Campaign
I am 5 battles or so into my Japanese LC, which started in July 1937 (The Second Sino- Japanese War started in 7 July 1937 "7/7/37).

I relied on the following sources to build a Standard Infantry Battalion.



These are my core units.

A0 Commander
B0 Cav Transport (for HMG Coy)
C0 Cav Transport (for HMG Coy)
D0 Cav Transport (for HMG Coy)
E0 Pack Mules (for Ammo Cannister)
F0 Pack Mules (for Ammo Cannister)
G0 Pack Mules (for Bn Inf Guns)
H0 Bn Inf Guns, Type 92, 70mm

I0 HMG Coy

L0 Ammo Cannister
M0 Ammo Cannister
N0 Ammo Cannister

O0 Inf Coy (Alpha Coy)
P0 Inf Pl (Alpha Coy Pl 1)
Q0 Inf Pl (Alpha Coy Pl 2)
R0 Inf Pl (Alpha Coy Pl 3)

S0 Inf Coy (Bravo Coy)
T0 Inf Pl (Bravo Coy Pl 4)
U0 Inf Pl (Bravo Coy Pl 5)
V0 Inf Pl (Bravo Coy Pl 6)

W0 Inf Coy (Charlie Coy)
X0 Inf Pl (Charlie Coy Pl 7)
Y0 Inf Pl (Charlie Coy Pl 8)
Z0 Inf Pl (Charlie Coy Pl 9)

AA0 Inf Coy (Delta Coy)
AB0 Inf Pl (Delta Coy Pl 10)
AC0 Inf Pl (Delta Coy Pl 11)
AD0 Inf Pl (Delta Coy Pl 12)

As you can see, I'm an infantry man, and I only purchase armour as support units, and I'll try and remain faithful and purchase what is available in theatre.

sigeena September 12th, 2012 10:51 PM

Re: Japanese Long Campaign
1 Attachment(s)
To conduct Delay operations in the China Villages Sector with Degawa Battalion for a period of 3 hours (roughly 64 turns)

To expect Chinese KMT forces of 3x infantry battalions reinforced with 1x light armoured squadron, and up to 3x medium/ heavy artillery batteries.

Degawa Battalion will be supported by 1x 75mm Light Artillery Battery (off-board), 1x Medium Armour Pl of Type 97 Chi-Ha tanks, 1x Anti-tank Pl of Type 94 37mm ATGs and 1x Pl of AAMGs.

China Villages Sector is a rather flat terrain with heights not more than 20metres at its highest. It is best described by the stream that runs roughly NW-SE across the centre of the Area of Operations (AO). There are 2 roads running almost parallel E-W, both roads bridge the stream. The road to the north is a metalled axis and the bridge is known as a Stone Bridge. The road to the south is a dirt axis and the bridge is known as a Wooden Bridge.

On our side of the AO, there is an additional road running N-S, that links to both roads, that allows us to quickly re-deploy reserves if necessary.

Between the 2 roads, and on our side of the stream, there's also a hilly feature that overlooks much of the opposite bank.

Battle Plan
To concentrate 3 inf coys up front to delay operations and 1 inf coy in reserve.

A coy will concentrate on the southern road, and defend infront of the Wooden Bridge. They'll be supported by 1x HMG pl and 1x ATG pl

B coy will concentrate on the northern road, and defend just behind the Stone Bridge. They'll be supported by 1x HMG pl and 1x Armour pl

C coy will concentrate on the hill between the 2 roads and defend behind the stream. They'll be supported by 1x HMG pl.

D coy will remain in reserve, nearer to the northern road, and at least 3 turns march from the N-S road to our rear.

The Bn Inf Gun Platoon will be positioned in the middle to provide support to both roads.

sigeena September 12th, 2012 11:00 PM

Re: Japanese Long Campaign
1 Attachment(s)
Situation at Turn 9

A Coy is currently pulling behind into the trees, after successfully destroying a light enemy armour section. They will continue to delay infront of the Wooden Bridge. An enemy coy is observed to be headed its way and a motorcycle platoon on its flank to the south.

B Coy has successfully secured the treeline leading to the Stone Bridge. They are in close observation of the enemy armour squadron and at least an enemy infantry coy.

C Coy observes an enemy inf coy heading between the 2 roads. The HMG pl in support is taking the enemy under fire as it attempts to traverse the open ground leading to the stream.

D Coy is still in reserve.

sigeena September 12th, 2012 11:09 PM

Re: Japanese Long Campaign
1 Attachment(s)
Situation at Stone Bridge Turn 11

The enemy has massed something like a full battalion worth of infantry to secure the stone bridge.

Pl 4 is directly controlling the stone bridge and the road, with the armoured platoon.

Pl 5 is covering pl 4's flank to the south and Pl 6 is covering pl 4's flank to the north.

The enemy is fully intent on securing the stone bridge and has laid alot of artillery, ranging from 81mm mortars to 100mm guns.

B Coy will slowly give ground and not engage in any fixed defence fighting.

sigeena September 12th, 2012 11:20 PM

Re: Japanese Long Campaign
1 Attachment(s)
Situation at Turn 22

A coy is facing mounting pressure but the enemy has not fully extended into battle line and thus, it is difficult to judge the size of enemy force. We believe it is at least a coy's worth of infantry. A coy is now pulling back behind the Wooden Bridge. At the same time, the HMG platoon that's supporting their lower flank has been suffering enemy artillery and is currently neutralised (Size 8, Damage 4). This HMG pl will pull back as well and re-supply from a nearby ammo cannister. Before pulling back, the HMG pl observed an enemy inf coy moving towards A coy sector.

B coy has given up the Stone Bridge and the immediate woods around it. We believe that the enemy Bn is severely handled and probably left with a coy's worth of combat power. The enemy armoured squadron is also destroyed. B coy has suffered casualties but mainly from enemy artillery.

C coy is hardly in the fight. The enemy has probed forward but are constantly thrown back by the HMG pl. C Coy has detached 1 pl towards B coy sector to help relieve some pressure.

D coy is in reserve but having observed some enemy moving through the woods to the north of B coy, they are now on the move to protect B coy's north flank.

So far, our 75mm (off-board) is doing very poorly in terms of counter battery work. And the enemy infantry can be handled by our ground guys, but their artillery is quite troubling.

sigeena September 12th, 2012 11:30 PM

Re: Japanese Long Campaign
1 Attachment(s)
Situation at Turn 33

A coy has been on the backfoot. The enemy looks to be in battalion strength. They have fully given up the Wooden Bridge and the flank to their south. In fact, they are almost at risk of being split apart. Pl 2 is on the south side of the dirt road and the only force in direct defence of the victory locations. Pl 1 and 3 are holding the enemy in the hamlet and delaying for as long as possible, while support is coming elsewhere.

B coy's position has somewhat stabilised. The enemy is taking a long time to re-org before coming out from the woods. In the mean time, they have detached Pl 6 to march towards A coy's sector. Our Armour pl is also moving towards A coy's sector, after they complete their resupply.

C coy's position has hardly changed. Pl 7 is holding the enemy superbly. They have hardly taken any losses (lack of enemy artillery attention). Pl 8 is moving towards A coy to support, while Pl 9 remains in good support of B Coy.

D coy has battered the enemy inf coy and are pursuing routing units towards north of B coy. Similarly, they are detaching Pl 12 towards A coy's sector.

sigeena September 13th, 2012 12:18 AM

Re: Japanese Long Campaign
1 Attachment(s)
Situation at Turn 43

I'll cover the action from South to North.

The enemy bn is finally stopped by my armoured platoon. My HMG coy (3 platoons) are in good LOS, overlooking the enemy battalion.

Pl 2 and 8 will support the armoured platoon attack on the enemy battalion.

Pl 6 will attack and attempt to recapture the hamlet, to cut off the enemy's line of retreat..

Pl 1 and 3 are resupplying. They are all shot out and will take another 10 turns before completing their resupply.

Pl 7 has fought the enemy to a standstill. They are also almost all shot out and half the platoon are cycling back to resupply, leaving the other half to delay the enemy.

Pl 9 was originally ordered to march towards A coy's sector but due to the developments up north in B coy's sector, they will march back towards B coy.

Pl 4 and 5 of B coy are almost all shot out and will delay long enough for Pl 9 to take over the firing line, before pulling back to resupply.

Pl 10 and 11 are in position to close on the enemy coy that's pushing along the north road.

Pl 12 is still marching towards A coy sector. I doubt they will be able to influence the fight in any way.

sigeena September 14th, 2012 02:30 AM

Re: Japanese Long Campaign
1 Attachment(s)
Situation at End Battle

Soon after our armour pl began attack on the enemy bn along A Coy sector, they crumbled. From then on, it was just pursuit and we bagged alot of prisoners.

Overall body count was some 90+ (Japanese) to 1800+ (Chinese Nationalists).

After this battle, our timeline was July 1938 and we had a choice to either continue sticking to China or move on to the steppes of Manchuria, to fight the Soviets.

The choice was obvious. Time to fight in another forgotten battle in another un-important landmark.

Changkufeng http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Lake_Khasan

sigeena September 14th, 2012 06:40 AM

Re: Japanese Long Campaign
1 Attachment(s)
To Advance through Changkufeng and secure the area of operation within 3 hours (roughly 59 turns).

To expect approx. 2x enemy inf battalion and 1x armoured squardron, and up to 2x light/ medium artillery batteries.

Degawa Battalion will be supported by 1x 105mm Medium Batt (off-board), 1x 75mm Light Batt (on-board), 1x Manchuko Cavalry Squadron, 1x Light Armour Coy (Type 95 Ha-Go), 1x Medium Armour Coy (Type 97 Chi-Ha). We will also be able to call on 1x Spotter Plane to support us in long-range recon.

The Changkufeng AO has its usual mix of wooded areas and open ground. The main axis available for use E-W is along the southern flank of the map.

The centre of the AO is dominated by a imposing ridge-line that runs approx. SW-NE, topped by 3 knolls, highest elevation being 40metres. This ridge will allow full observation of the road along the southern flank, and the immediate open valley infront of our start line.

Close woods cover most of the area north of the ridge-line. It allows us to move un-noticed around the enemy flank, and access towards his rear.

Battle Plan
A Coy will advance from the centre of the map and though its movement appears to be a direct frontal assault. They will not carry it through, but demonstrate and remain as reserve.

B and D Coy will move along the road in the south and assault the ridge from the south. Once they capture the ridge, they will press on and push into the enemy rear, and link-up with our north flank. They will be supported by the Medium Armour Coy. This force will be named Hammer Force.

C Coy will move along the northern woods and attempt to go deep and prevent enemy units from fleeing the AO. C Coy will be supported by the Light Armour Coy and the Manchuko Cavalry Squadron. This force will be named Anvil Force.

Bn Inf Gun will push up along the road in the south and attempt to support Hammer Force where possible.

sigeena September 15th, 2012 06:45 AM

Re: Japanese Long Campaign
1 Attachment(s)
Situation at Turn 5

My recon plane is paying dividends. We located what looks to be the enemy armour park in what looks to be C Coy's sector. This is a light armour unit, which doesn't mount any main guns that should be of danger to my light armour coy in the north.

As for the south, the recon plane has also managed to uncover enemy ATGs and HMGs on top of the ridge in B Coy's sector.

Based on spotting activity, I believe the enemy first line of defence is somewhere along the red line.

All units will continue as planned.

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