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Imp December 26th, 2009 03:15 PM

Why is kids stuff better
Tis Christmas time for the kids so watched some kids stuff like Wall-E, The Incredibles & bought a freinds kids at least that was the excuse the Danger Mouse series. So all are animations cartoons aimed at kids or are they, all hail Pixar great "acting" possibly the best superhero film ever & you have to ask why cant the film co produce decent scripts for adult films. These are having to work on 2 levels entertain the kids & send stuff over there heads for the adults, well over in some cases.
How hard can it be to produce amusing light entertainment for adults yet strangley taking the kids part out of the equation means they tend to hire a writer for $5 & produce dumb as in stupid slapstick.
So a big thanks to the kids for Christmas really enjoyed it even if my gut was hurting from laughing to much, okay possibly overeating.
P.S Danger Mouse is recomended after a few beers we were up all night watching it.

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