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Baron Grazic November 2nd, 2006 01:47 AM

SEV AI Modding questions
Can anyone explain how to create the csf file?
I've made the changes to the AI text files I want to try, ran the "ScriptParser.exe", no matter what file I open and compile, I just get file with no extension.
Am I suppose to manually add the extension?
For that matter, which file am I suppose to open and compile?

Since I already feeling like a newbie, I'll ask one last question.
Can you change the AI so that it won't accept specific treaty element, such as "No research" in the polities file?

Thanks in Advance
Baron Grazic

Captain Kwok November 2nd, 2006 11:25 PM

Re: SEV AI Modding questions
I need you to be more specific - which files did you edit and what files are you trying to compile?

Baron Grazic November 3rd, 2006 01:40 AM

Re: SEV AI Modding questions
Thanks Kwok.
I'm trying to create a new AI, the RaniRani Tribe, using the EEE and default files as the template and modifying their settings.
I've created/modified the RaniRani_Setup_Script, RaniRani_Research, RaniRani_Main_Script, RaniRani_ColonyType, RaniRani_General, RaniRani_DesignNames and still working on the RaniRani_Speech file.
Still looking into the Politics file, and how to specify exactly what treaties, and treaty components can or can't be accepted.
Planning on looking at the Construction, StateChange, DesignCreation & Intelligence next.
Not sure what to do with the X files yet.
PS. If their is an AI design guide, please direct me. Thanks.
Baron Grazic

Captain Kwok November 3rd, 2006 11:09 PM

Re: SEV AI Modding questions
There is no AI design guide at this time.

The only two files you'll be compiling will be the RaniRani_Main_Script.txt and the RaniRani_Setup_Script.txt files. Since you've made custom files for the research and colony type files, you'll need to edit the name of files called in the "Includes" section in the RaniRani_Main_Script.txt file in place of the Scipt_AI_Research.txt, Script_AI_ColonyType.txt files etc.

You can block out no research treaties in the AI_Script_GlobalSettings.txt file in the "AI_Set_Political_Treaty_Elements" function by commenting out the lines pertaining to no research treaties. This will stop the AI from adding them as a condition when they generate treaties. If you decide to rename this file, be sure to add it in the includes section of your main script as I mentioned above.

When you made your changes then you'll need to load the RaniRani_Main_Script.txt file in the script parser and hit "compile". This will generate the .csf file. You'll need to do the same for the RaniRani_Setup.txt file.

Alternatively, you can make a file with two lines:


Give that file a name and in the Script parser hit "Make All Files" and load that file. It will automatically compile both files for you at once, rather than loading them and compiling each one separately.

Let me know if that helps at all.

Baron Grazic November 6th, 2006 01:21 AM

Re: SEV AI Modding questions
That information certainly helps Kwok, but something is still not looking correct.
Problem is when I compile the RaniRani_Main_Script.txt & RaniRani_Setup_Script.txt files, I just get 2 files called RaniRani_Main_Script & RaniRani_Setup_Script. No extensions at the end of the files.
I'm happy to just add the .csf, if that is all I need to do.
But just incase the problem is with this PC, I'll try compiling the files again on my home unit tonight.

Thanks for the information about the GlobalSettings.txt file, that was what I was looking for.

Baron Grazic

Baron Grazic November 7th, 2006 10:46 PM

Re: SEV AI Modding questions
My compile problem was caused by running the Script Complier from my memory stick instead of from the default SE location.
Now to download the patch, modify, recompile and test.
Thanks for the help Kwok, and I'm sure I'll ask some more questions.
Baron Grazic

phalzyr May 9th, 2007 10:56 AM

Re: SEV AI Modding questions
Baron: Do you see file extensions for csf files in the default empire directories?

IF they dont have extensions: Windows can disable showing known extensions thus you won't see them(that is the default setting I believe). To enable this (one thing I always do after a fresh Os install) go into windows explorer, go into the tools menu (might vary depending on OS version) and select folder options(you can go to control panel and select it also, Go to the view tab, uncheck the box for hide extensions for known file types.

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