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Richard March 2nd, 2001 05:04 AM

New Demo posted.
Check the downloads page...

Sarge is coming...

Richard Arnesen
Director of Covert Ops
Shrapnel Games

Mark H March 31st, 2001 12:21 AM

Re: New Demo posted.
I got the demo..and the documentation is sparse to say the least.

It says to take your plane to 1000 ft to land it...I haven't been able to land a plane yet. It tells me i'm still to high...Could someone give me some pointers to land a plane?

NYIsles March 31st, 2001 06:44 AM

Re: New Demo posted.
You have to make sure that the plane is on the correct course to land... for example, if the airport is facing 270, you have to come in from behind, facing 270, at 1000 feet.

Hope that helps


Comar March 31st, 2001 04:29 PM

Re: New Demo posted.
Also make sure you are approaching from the right direction. You should be entering from the open funnel end, on the correct bearing, at a 1000 ft.

Mark H March 31st, 2001 11:15 PM

Re: New Demo posted.
So you can only land at airports that have the funnel graphic in them?..like LAX?..

Anyone have the game and can post the manual for it?..It doesn't make sence to me to put a demo out with no documentaion...or to make a player search for it when it easier to just supply it with the download.

I would think you would want to let a "lay" person who doesn't know anything about Air traffic controling know everything he/she needs to know to at least want more...from the full Version.

NYIsles April 6th, 2001 04:18 AM

Re: New Demo posted.
Also, you have to make sure that the plane you are trying to land is supposed to land at all, and at a particular airport. Many planes are just passing through. On the plane roster, flights that are landing are followed by an asterisk (example, DL323 LAX*)...any airport that is on the screen is a possible landing site, but only if a plane is supposed to go there. If a scenario has several airports, sometimes not all of them are used.

I'm still awaiting the new game, so I can't post any docs.


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