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legowarrior May 7th, 2012 10:30 PM

Pretender Design of T'ien Ch'i (CBM)
I'm thinking of going with a Jade Emperor, it's thematic, will allow me to summon the nations spells, and will allow me to get two of the boosters I need early, Bag of Wind and both of the rings, but I have some questions and I'll like some feedback.

I'm starting with an Dormant Jade Emperor so that I have more design points to work with. One of the things I've noticed is that despite have a wide access to different paths (making remote search a breeze) I rarely have paths higher than 2 in anything, so I need to get boosters. Also, a minor bless is not unheard of since the national summons are all sacred.

I keep my paths simple
Wind 5, Water 4, Astral 6. I get some small crappy blesses out of it too.

Now, I'm having trouble with my scales.
Domain strength - 6
3 Order because Money is great, and the benefit to PD is minor, but it is great for blocking scouts it seems.
2 Production, the units are good but many require some decent resources, and with a dormant pretender, I should get them out quickly.
1 Magic, because who doesn't need help with research, and I'm probably going to need to go heavy on spell casting.
1 Growth is probably going to get me in trouble, but I find many of my spellcasters are old, and I don't need that. On top of that, I find that I have larger armies running around, so it is easier to feed. Finally, with PD and Growth, any territory I own is going to be epic in longer games.
Now, to balance it all, I need to 'create' 120 design points.
Do I go with 2 Misfortune (and hope my priests and spell casters block bad events and that my pd is good) and 1 cold (no fires in my labs) or 1 Misfortune and 2 cold?

The end result is 0 design points left over!!!! That's right, everything is used, it is efficient in that respect.

Okay, I'm ready to be told that my design is completely wrong now.

jimbojones1971 June 18th, 2012 06:59 AM

Re: Pretender Design of T'ien Ch'i (CBM)
You sure this should be in the Dom II rather than the Dom III forum?

The reference to CBM makes me think you've posted in the wrong spot?

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