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sigeena March 21st, 2018 05:35 AM

Gliders or Transport

I've been playing a airborne battalion and was wondering if there is any real difference in deploying via gliders or transports.

Are gliders more accurate in their drops? Would they require alot more landing space than transports? I've been dropping my company-sized units in a space of about 8x8 hex (around 400x400m) via transports.

It was pretty fun when I crossed the Meuse river and captured all my objectives via transports.

Mobhack March 21st, 2018 05:56 AM

Re: Gliders or Transport
Gliders let you and a bunch of units all together in the one spot. para-trooping out of transports leaves everyone scattered, and troops on the ground can shoot the paratroops as they descend.

Air assaulting the AI is usually an easy win, as it is designed to set up for receiving a ground assault, not air. The paras and gliders are really only there for scenario designers to make balanced scenarios with. (Same goes for helicopter assaults in MBT, I dont do it as its another way to take advantage of the AI, as with ammo carriers).

If you are in fact playing as an air assault formation then you probably should make it more "realistic" by not buying any ground-pounder support as you are going to be way in advance of your front line troops - so no tanks, only air delivered guns and mortars and ATG etc. Then the AI will wake up when you take objectives and trundle at your light air mobile troops with its tanks, which are not being dealt with by any support tanks you buy.

jp10 March 21st, 2018 12:12 PM

Re: Gliders or Transport
In actual operations gliders were seldom able to land the units as cohesive as in training. Glider landing accidents often wiped out the entire unit rather than the individual losses of a paradrop. In comparing apples to oranges US glider-vs-paralandings were similar.
The US intended plan was to drop the parachute troops first and the gliders would follow into the LZ.

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