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John Stone June 26th, 2018 07:15 AM

Runesword 2 is being illegally sold at itch.io
Hi. I just wanted to report that an outfit called Ellis Studios is illegally selling Runesword 2 for money under the name "runesword and magic" here: https://kieferd20.itch.io/runesword-and-magic So far at least 25 gamers have lost money on a game that is freely released over here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/runesword/ I used itch.io's report system on 6-23-18 but it's taking longer than one business day to be removed. I also sent a message to crosscut games via their broswer based messaging system here:
http://crosscutgames.com/wordpress/?page_id=46 but I haven't received word back that they've received the message. I don't know if itch.io needs more than one report for something to happen or more direct contact from the game creators themselves to get that page removed but the longer that page is up the larger the chance more people are going to lose money over a game that is already free. So even though it's no longer a Shrapnel Games game maybe they can aid in getting that page removed faster? I'm also posting this message at the sourceforge RS Open Forum as well.

John Stone

John Stone June 26th, 2018 12:18 PM

Re: Runesword 2 is being illegally sold at itch.io
Ok fellow shrapnelites the offending page has been removed though the Ellis Studios account is still active. I'll check itch.io from time to time to make sure the game isn't re-uploaded. Perhaps Crosscut Games can upload the latest version of the game to that site as a free game just so it can have an official home there?

John Stone

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