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Desert_Fox September 16th, 2006 03:01 AM

My Grand Plan for My First Grand Mod

I am somewhat new to modding, but I feel up to creating my first mod. This is not just any mod though. I plan to create a World War 2 mod!!! http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/images/smilies/happy.gif It is not going to be easy(dom2 does not really lend itself to a scinerio from this time period), but I still think it will be cool to try. Some main ideas so far:

It will start with the Germans and Americans as the playable nations. Each side will have historicly accurate(as much as possible)units.

Possible Units: riflemen, SMGers, engineers, mortar and machinegun teams, field guns and field artillery, paratroopers, tanks(very hard to do), and maybe ships(although it would be the last thing to strive for and it would be pointless to have them, so probibly not). Each unit would have accurate weapons and stats that tried to reflect thier real combat power/range/etc.

Other Ideas: I have heard that it is possible to change what units are effected by summon spells. So it might be possible to give summon spells for paratrooper units to simulate a special drop in any province of the map. If possible it would be cool to turn a spell like "Fires from Afar" into a simmulated long range heavy artillery attack and stuff like that. Also, some new maps would be good.

I am a WW2 buff, so this is all cool to me and I value accuracy. These are just some ideas. So far I have only started on Germany: I have a flag and one rather cool looking SMGer who sounds like a crowsbowman(is there a way to add new sound files?) and fires a slingshot-looking bullet.(LOL) Anyway, I want to know what other people think(like is this crazy or cool or whatever). I have other mod ideas, but I want to atempt this one first. So, comments anyone?

Desert_Fox September 16th, 2006 04:13 AM

Re: My Grand Plan for My First Grand Mod
Hello again,

I have done a little more work now, and so I wanted to update my posting. I have now created a SUPER AWSOME LOOKING model of a Panzer 4 tank. I has a bad-a@# 75mm cannon and a MG for cutting down infantry! It is very cool. I think I will really be able to make this a cool mod, with enough time. I will keep updating and I will try to post some images later(so you can see for yourself).

Nerfix September 16th, 2006 12:03 PM

Re: My Grand Plan for My First Grand Mod
Hmmm, interesting idea, though the avaitable tools restrict these things. I think someone made a mod with fireball shooting tanks and bolt shooting guns. http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/image...ies/tongue.gif

Desert_Fox September 17th, 2006 01:58 AM

Re: My Grand Plan for My First Grand Mod
1 Attachment(s)

After much work on this mod, I have reached the point at which I can release version 1.00. I will give the details of the mod:

The mod changes Pythium into Germany. The Germans have the following units: riflemen, SMGers, Panzers(2F, 4, and 6-a(Tiger)), a supply truck, infantry and panzer officers, and one pretender(the Supreme Chancellor). I would say it all looks very cool. A lot of work went into the unit graphics, which are sweet. Anyway, they do not yet have an American enemy(my next goal), but they are fun to pitt against other dom2 sides or another modded one. Feel free to give version 1.00 a try and give my feedback, it would be apreciated. http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/image...es/biggrin.gif

My furture plans are: create American side(obviously), add more commanders for Germany(like researchers), more units for Germany(like Waffen SS and Fallskirmjager), and I have an idea to make tanks go to an immobile form when killed the first time(to simulate the tank being criticly damaged, and so that if the battle is won the machanics could salvage the tank back to the players army).

These are just some thoughts. Feedback would help, or any ideas. Enjoy! http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/images/smilies/happy.gif

Nerfix September 17th, 2006 09:33 AM

Re: My Grand Plan for My First Grand Mod
I like the idea of the tanks becoming immomible a lot.

Will you create more sides like the soviet and the japanese in future? Perhaps even the french, british, italians and chinese...

Desert_Fox September 17th, 2006 11:36 AM

Re: My Grand Plan for My First Grand Mod

Yes, ultimately I plan to expand through the British and Russians, and possibly the Japanese(though they would be tricky because at this time I have no direct source of Japanese soldier images to use, but it could still be done). I doubt I would go beyond these sides because the main units are so similar(American/British/Russian units are generally like the French and other European nations). The exception might be China, because it would be interesting to have a WW2 showdown between them and Japan. Some of this would be quite down the road though(months, at least).

Another idea I have is for land mines. They would have only one map move(not 0 for practical reasons, the excuse would be that a nations engineers could simply relocate them), but would be immobile in battles. The idea would be to place them as far towards the enemy as possible and let them run over them. Their attack would be set up to wipe out the entire square they are in(plus them, of course). I have not worked out yet if an engineer unit would be able to stop them. Maybe if the mine is ethereal and the engineer's mine sweeper in set as a magic weapon. This would be cool, strategic, but tricky to work out. Would be worth it though.

The way I plan to make paratroopers is also neat. They will have a map move of 3-5 or more. This would simulate transport planes(wether C-47 or Ju-88) carrying them between turns, "dropping" them in that far away place or even in territory not connected to a player's currently held province. Needless to say this would provide realistic and diverse tactical options to both sides. Each airborne officer would represent one plane and his leadership value its carrying capacity(likely limited to 10, more than that would lose realism and make paratroopers too good). It would just mean that more leaders(planes) would be needed for major drops.

In adition to mines, I have some ideas for other map move one, but immobile units. These might include: bunkers, MG and sniper nests, AT guns, very heavy stationary artillery(lol, makes me think of the huge German rail-moved guns), and others. I also have one very crazy idea: to create a V1 or V2 unit which would be able to fly over to the enemy's initial consentration in a battle and unleash a huge kamikaze attack on them(simulating launching the missile and it then exploding on the enemy. If it were destroyed before it could attack it would simulate it being shot down(like many of the real V-weapons). Just a cool thought.

This is just a major brainstorm, not a promise to have such things sometime. Anyway, anyone can feel free to add or condemn ideas. http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/images/smilies/happy.gif

Endoperez September 18th, 2006 03:49 AM

Re: My Grand Plan for My First Grand Mod
In Dom3, there will be unit that explodes when killed. That also works as a mine, but is easily countered with ranged units.

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