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Q December 14th, 2007 04:43 PM

Re: Multiverse Mod
I really enjoy your new campaign although I must confess that I find some of the missions very difficult. After the "long journey" I failed the mission to protect the starbase in the Minerva system because it was already too late when I arrived there. Then I get the order to go back to Pluto but there seems to be no further missions available. Is this a bug?
What I like most in this campaign are the battles with several ships on both sides!

Campeador December 14th, 2007 09:31 PM

Re: Multiverse Mod
Ok, I check the scenario. This one is similar to the one on the first mission. By the time you get there three enemy ships are attacking the base. It is very difficult for three destroyers to take down a starbase, but as we found out, not impossible. (They will appear next to the Starbase and it is possible that as they materialize one of the ships collide with the Starbase, or they just got lucky and managed to destroy the Starbase just by themselves).
Since the occurrence is rare I did overlook the possibility of that to happen. So it is my bug ;(
I will make a note and will find a work around and will post as another update later on, but I am going to wait in case another bug pops up.

So for now just reload that mission and by the laws of provability on our side (as it was on the first mission), the starbase should still be there by the time the player gets there to assist the base. Then you are to protect the base until the next event happens. (It won’t be as easy as the first mission).

On the other hand if you get a command to "Retreat to the Pluto Base" and once you get there you receive a new mission, then that is the way it is supose to happen!

On a second note, I am working right now on the fifth campaign, and through all the five campaigns, in some scenarios the mission will fail no mater what you do. On those instances the player is to continue on as long as the mission moves on. There are missions that specify that “failure is not an option” and that you are to repeat the mission. In other instances I am indicating that ”even if ‘Fail’ it is ok to continue”. So press attention to the messages that pop up during battle, and mission status. If you do not get a message to redo the mission then you are ok.

The Star Fury interface to place missions and messages is not very flexible, so I am forced to jump through hoops to make the game do as I expect. The game is designed for a single player controlled ship, yet I am using the game as a single player, side kick support, and even squad group. For example some of the ” jobs” are like this:
Kill Target Ship 1
Clear System 1 Of Enemies 2
Escort Ship 1 Against Enemies 2

On any of those commands we have the player ship and the enemies. On the first two, any friendly ship or group that I try to use as the cavalry to assist you, the interface will treat them also as an enemy and therefore the mission will always “fail “ unless all the ships are destroyed including the friendly ones. The third one is the same except for the single ship (not even a group) that you are to protect. I did manage to find work arounds but not always. So sometimes I am forced to allow a “fail” mission even thought the player is doing ok.
There is nothing wrong with the original game. It is working as intended, but it is difficult to make the game the way I want.

Campeador December 15th, 2007 01:00 AM

Re: Multiverse Mod
Some Multiverse Fetures:

On the Star Blazers Mod most people found it easy (except for the very first mission and maybe the battle at "rainbow" sector), so on Multiverse I increased the challenge:

--- Decreased the chance to find a planet or starbase to fix your ship on the ‘fly’, and run back to battle. (There are some but far in between).
--- Beefed up all the original Star Fury ships, increased armor and maxed out the weapon slots (we have to be fair!).
--- In some instances increased the enemy ships and frequency of appearance.
--- Sometimes from 10 against just you, to like 40 against your 4! (Not really but will feel like it).
--- Created some impossible scenarios, that means that sometimes you are going to get your *** kick and you will have to run with your tail between your legs. (Or get killed). Yes sometime the mission will "Fail" but be ok to continue (see previous post).
--- The player may not be able to fly the greatest kick *** ship (like the Argo/Yamato), or what you know as the greatest kick *** ship may not be the greatest kick *** ship in the game (Multiverse will have ships that can eat the Argo for breakfast!).
--- Created some really ugly monster battles or we can say, try to create some great epic battles (and hope that the game does not crash).
--- The WMC will not be able to target all ships (by the way, you will fly the Argo on only one of the Multiverse Mods).
--- More evil duds, maybe not as cool as leader Deslock of Gamilon, but no one was cooler than Deslock!
--- I am sure that there is something else, but can’t remember…

The good:
The same as the bad but in addition:
--- New cargo items to help you fix your ship, like gold, alloy ingots, beer, food ratios, and a few more.
--- You are not always alone; sometimes you are part of a fleet!
--- Some new really cool heroes. (Well some of them not always thrive to be heroes).
--- There are going to be some WOW! I cannot believe that you have that on this mod!
--- There is a big story twist involving many universes, and something else but cannot talk about it now.

Q December 15th, 2007 04:34 AM

Re: Multiverse Mod
Thank you for the explanation Campeador and again thanks for your huge work.
One small suggestion: you increased the waepons slots, but there are few hull slots. I frequently have enough space left to put one more hull component on the ship but there is no free slot left!

Campeador December 20th, 2007 02:20 AM

Re: Multiverse Mod
I did not increase the weapon slots at all; on the contrary I decreased them around 1/3 to 1/2 from the previous Star Blazer Mod. But the comment I made before was about the original Star Fury ships. Those I did not change their slots at all. It is just that on the original game their weapons on their weapons slots were never maxed out, it was a random thing but some weapon slots were always empty.
About more hull slots on the Multiverse player ships, I will take your suggestion and will be adding a couple more on the next update.

rstaats10 December 31st, 2007 03:39 AM

Re: Multiverse Mod
Excellent Mod Campeador!!! I just finished Multiverse Campaign 1 tonight. I was the last surviving ship as well. This Mod is fun and challenging. I completed it using no cheats either. The battles and your timing of the ships appearing is just incredible. Great story line as well. I applaud you and Thank You for a great Starfury mod. You have managed to breath "new life" back into Starfury. Guys reading this should definately check it out.

PS. I cant wait to play Multiverse Campaign 2.

[img]/threads/images/Graemlins/icon09.gif[/img] This one's for you Campeador. Great job. Thanks again!!!

Campeador February 14th, 2008 05:03 AM

Re: Multiverse Mod
Multiverse Campaign 2

You will need three files:
Mod file
1. Multiverse_2-The_Fourth_Dimension V1.01 (update: 02-18-08)

Mod Music
2. Multiverse_Music-1 (The one used on Multiverse 1) -Extra note: 'Multiverse_Music-1' also contains a 'Sound' folder that you need to have installed)

3. Multiverse_Music-2 (new)

All the mods are going to be progressive with the Music files.
Multiverse 1 - needs Music 1
Multiverse 2 - needs Music 1 + 2
Multiverse 3 - needs Music 1 + 2 + 3
And so on. All of them will also need the 'sound' file located on "Multiverse_Music-1'.

'Multiverse_2-The_Fourth_Dimension' is the continuation of 'Multiverse_1-Enemy_From_Beyond'.

On Multiverse 1 our heroes were starting to explore this place called the 'Multiverse'. On Multiverse 2 they will go much deeper. The Star Force will be reunited and the player will be at the helm of the Argo (Yamato). It will be like the good old times of the Star Blazers mod, but with the action/style of Multiverse 1...

This new campaign offers many changes on the graphic visuals of the components and skins of the ships from the previous campaign, some insignificant but others will stand out. A few new components were going to debut on the second campaign, but I also improved the graphics on some of the previous ones. so I am going to go back and update Multiverse 1 with the new candy so that the whole series is consistent.

I hope you like it.

p.s.: Thanks rstaats10. After reading your nice words I cannot go any higher but down!

rstaats10 February 16th, 2008 12:11 PM

Re: Multiverse Mod
I am going to start Multiverse Campaign 2 this weekend. I am looking forward to the battles and taking command of the Argo (Yamato). Thanks for releasing the campaign Campeador!

Suicide Junkie February 16th, 2008 02:56 PM

Re: Multiverse Mod
It would be good to link the downloads here.

Mission 2, intel report typo:
"...we will see how <strike>though</strike> tough it is..."

Some of the fighters in mission 2 have shields, but no regeneration ability at all. Is that intentional?

Armor has levels, but they don't change any of the armor's properties.

Campeador February 17th, 2008 03:05 AM

Re: Multiverse Mod
Good idea about making links for the mod here (I was not sure if it was allowed). So I will edit my previous post and add them.

Mission 2, intel report typo - I will look into it.


Some of the fighters in the game will have shields while other does not. All the fighters on the game will have very slow regeneration variations according to ship. It will be a native ship specific setting and not through items. For example Star Blazers Earth fighters will have regeneration on hull (0.5) and Armor (0.1) but no shield regeneration Shields (0.0). The Star Fury universe (all fighters): hull (0.5), Armor (0.1) and Shields (0.5).
The Star Blazers Universe is on the beginning levels of shield tech. That is why also the Star Blazer ships has only one hull space slot for shields per side and none are higher than 20 shields. Some Universes may have very high tech in some areas but none in others. For example, there are some very powerful ships on the game that have no shields whatsoever like the Arcadia, while its counterparts from the same universe do have shields like the Illumidas.
Some fighters will have energy regeneration or a ship specific attribute. Interesting enough there is a race that can even tolerate be on the vacuum of space without any gear and those I assigned native crew regeneration. Naturally attributes for fighters will vary from the other ships. The why hull regeneration on fighters is that after a really long period of time they may heal enough to move around instead of remaining frozen in position forever.

Armor, shields and all the items on the game are set at only level =1. So they will not change. (Setting them = 0, may have some weird reaction on the game) Except for 'Phased Shield Generator (40kT), (80kT), (160kT)' that are set a level = 50. This is a bug- But since the player will not have access to them (and if he does he just may not use them) they will not affect the game. But thanks for pointing that out, I will make a note and will have it fix on next the update.

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