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JimSB December 23rd, 2014 12:52 PM

Twitter to IBOL17 with artifact pics?
When I explore a temple and find the artifact therein, the game asks me to send a screenshot to @IBOL17. I created a screenshot but then twitter only allows me to send messages to people who are following me. While I acknowledge that I am a complete twitter novice, how do I do this. I realize that there is absolutely no for IBOL17 to follow me, but is there another way to send this?

Is there any value to following up on these? I have a feeling that you will be inundated with them if the game gets popular.

ibol December 23rd, 2014 05:17 PM

Re: Twitter to IBOL17 with artifact pics?
Hi, JimSB,
I guess I'm the only one qualified to answer this...

Yes, I like them, they're fun to see. You certainly don't have to do it. You're name gets added to this list for a while:
It's just another fun way to meet the players...

It sounds like you're trying to "direct message", which isn't really the point. if you just put my user name in a message, i'll be notified.
something like this:

Hey, @IBOL17, I found one of your artifacts!
(and then you attach the picture).

I wouldn't mind being inundated ;)


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