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silhouette January 9th, 2006 11:06 PM

New minor bug: tournament result display
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I have found a new bug I have not seen recorded here. It is minor as it only appears to affect the display for one turn and then it corrects itself. I noticed it in a test game (at work *ahem*) on the 2.08 demo, and reproduced it at home with 2.16.

I ordered my pretender (Nataraja) with resistance gear to enter the tournament. He won, and since he was in a lab province, the weapons in his first 2 hand slots were dropped to the lab storage and he got the trident. However, on the display, the special attributes of the dropped equipment was still shown. I had Faithful and Serpent Kryss replaced, but the display still showed him with Luck and Poison Resistance even though the trident replaced those weapons.

The next turn I had him attack an independant province to see if it was real, and at the beginning of the next turn battle the display had corrected itself, and he DID follow script to cast Personal Luck. This means the glitch is temporary and only affects the display for the 1 turn report after the tournament results, probably a side effect of the unnatural way the items were dropped. In a way thats too bad, I was looking forward to trying an exploit by entering the tourney with Barrier and Mage Bane and enjoying the permanent perks, but it is not to be...

I have attached (I hope) a zip with 3 PNG equipment displays: one "Pre" before the tourney, one "Post" after that turn report (with the wrong attributes), and one "Next" corrected at the very beginning of the battle the next turn.


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