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Lomaster August 10th, 2019 04:54 AM

Some questions about plotting arty
Both questions concern an arty strike "memory" once plotted

1) Do arty strikes keep memory of a spotter? For instance if i have plotted strike A with observer X and then plotted strike B with observer Y, will they keep corresponding modifiers until the barrage is complete or cancelled?
Does it matter which observer is selected if i want to shift the targets in following turns? For instance if i then select observer X, go to "B"ombardment menu and shift all the plotted strikes with observer X selected - will the strikes plotted by Y lose their modifiers?

2) Do air sorties keep memory of entry/exit directions once plotted, or are the directions updated each time the target spot is adjusted?

Mobhack August 10th, 2019 11:20 AM

Re: Some questions about plotting arty
1) whoever was the spotter at the time of plotting will be the spotter for the mission, unless you change spotter and he starts ordering the fire unit.

2) as far as I recollect, the original plotted air entry and exit are used, even if you move the target hex about with new in and out directions set later. Not something I do much - you may want to set up a range test scenario to experiment with that.

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