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EJ August 10th, 2019 10:45 AM

Windows 10
Anyone Knowledgeable,
Has anyone with the CD versions of SPWW2 & or SPMBT successfully installed this game on a Windows10 laptop? If so can you give guidance on the process to doing so & getting it to run properly? I just got a new HP Windows10 laptop & I DON'T wanna MUCK IT UP! :D

zovs66 August 10th, 2019 11:33 AM

Re: Windows 10
Yes, I just copied the install exe from my disk to an external drive and then I just double click it to install the game. I do have version 1.0 of both games though and then I just run the four patches for each game. It all installs seamlessly on Windows 10.

Mobhack August 10th, 2019 11:48 AM

Re: Windows 10
There will be nothing special - windows 8/10 is less hassle than 7.

Just ensure that you are installing to c:\shrapnel games\game name \... as detailed in the game installation section of the Game Guide.

If you have a modern CD then that new path is baked in, but much older CDs will still have the old c:\program files\shrapnel games\game name\... default path which does not work properly post windows XP.

Therefore if you have the old path, you will have to delete the \program files element of the installation path manually so it installs to the c:\shrapnel games\game name\.. folder under C: and not under \program files\...

Also get the latest patches from the shrapnel site, as those have the new path baked in, like the newer batches of CD installations do. Old patch files you may have had lying around on your HD may still have the old path baked in, the new ones do not, and the new ones are consolidations of several smaller olde-time patches as well.

Since it is a laptop, it will have a wide screen, so use windowed mode and set resolution to desktop since yo have the CD version. If that all works fine, then you may later try full-screen mode if so desired, but that mode is depreciated (it was only for old DOS computers with square resolutions).

EJ August 10th, 2019 02:14 PM

Re: Windows 10
What are considered old CDs? Ones back before 2005 or older? Mine are from 05-06.

Mobhack August 10th, 2019 02:45 PM

Re: Windows 10
ones that will still have the old path as described above, including "program files" in the path.

new ones will have c:\shrapnel games\the camo workshop\<game-name> in the path - no mention of "program files".

run your installer till it comes to the screen asking where to install. If it has c:\program files\shrapnel games\the camo workshop\<game-name> as the installation path then you have an older CD install therefore you need to edit that so as to delete program files\ from the path string.

If not, and it is a newer one (no reference to program files) then you are good to go

you have the old style path, a simple way to do it without manually editing the path string (and possibly not doing it right) is to proceed as follows:
1) On verifying it is the old path, with the invalid path name (includes "program files" simply exit the install process

2) Now run one of the patch installers, to the same point where it is asking where to put the files.

3) Now copy that new path from the installer and exit the patch installer. You now have the new path in your Windows paste buffer.

4) Now go back to the CD installer and once again proceed till the installation path is shown. Now, select the entire path and paste in the copied path you retrieved from the patch file that is in the windows paste buffer so replacing the old path with the new one you just copied off the patch installer.

5) proceed with the CD install, then do the patches - the patches will all have the newer path you pasted over the initial CD install path.

(I am assuming that you know "windows 101" stuff as to how to select, copy and paste strings!)

EJ August 10th, 2019 02:59 PM

Windows 10
Thanks! I'll follow your advice. I can be a LUNKHEAD when it comes to dealing with CPUs & CPU programs sometimes :doh: LOL.

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