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SaS TrooP July 21st, 2015 11:49 AM

Operation Flash - Dragalić sector
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I have found this one and refurbished it a little.

This scenario is now tested, no errors reported, but still any feedback is most welcome. We will see if its work keeping or if its too weak to proceed further.



Operation Flash - Nova Gradiska*
Date: 1st May, 1995*
Battle Location: Dragalic village, between Okucani and Nova Gradiska, Republic of Serbian Krajina (modern day

Battle Type: Croatian assault vs. RSK defence*
Description: Operation Flash (Operacija Bljesak) was a military operation, conducted by military of Croatia against

so called Republic of Serbian Krajina (RSK), a curently non-existant country. RSK was a self-declared country on

territories inhabited mainly by ethnic Serbians. Yet, this structure was rather independent from nearby Serbia. Same

territory was however also inhabited by significant amount of Croats and Bosnians. Yugoslavian Wars were

particularly bloody and ethnicity based, with all sides of the conflict conducting numerous massacres against

A ceasefire was signed between Croatian and RSK governments, mediated by the UN, in 1994. Territorial disputes

remained heavily unresolved though, which resulted in Croatian preparations to capture and secure the vital road

around the town of Okucani, that had the briges through Sava river. Assumed Croatians secured that position, it

would be extremely hard for Serbia or RSK to conduct any sort of counterattacks due to low river crossing equipment

capacity and training.
This scenario depicts the first day of fighting, in which Croatian task force conducts an advance towards Okucani.

RSK forces are dug in with particularly heavy force - which was unknown to Croatian Staff - around the small village

of Dragalic, covering the approaches to nearby Okucani.*
As Croatians descended, heavy fighting occured. Initially, a mechanized battalion of 81th Guards Brigade was to

spearhead the advance. It soon became clear, that these forces are not enough. There was a breakdown in Croatian

command though, resulting in serious delays in bringing additional units into positions. After more than 2 hours

delay, another motorized battalion, from 5th Guards Brigade was sent in to action. RSK defences - manned mainly by

strong elements of mixed 54th Infantry Brigade - prooved too powerful. Only after three hours of heavy fighting,

when a regiment of Home Guard (reserves) was provided as reinforcements, together with a company of T-55 tanks and

Special Forces units, it was possible to break though.*
Okucani was encircled by the end of 1th of May. This put RSK troops into serious peril. Okucani surrendered on May

3rd, what was a strategic victory for Croatian troops.
It must be historically noted, that RSK tried to reinforce Dragalic road with advanced M-84 tanks. Tank companies

were however prevented from crossing the Sava river by Croatian Mi-24 Hind combat helicopters that managed to sneak

past RSK AA defences. Croatian Air Force was also active on that day, but suffered noticeable losses due to AA fire.
Notes: If played against the AI the human player should take the Croatian side.*
Source: Brigovic, Ivan (July 2009). "Osvrt na operaciju "Bljesak" u dokumentima Republike Srpske Krajine",

Wikipedia, Internet*
Design by: Marcin "SaS TrooP" Kaluza**

shahadi August 21st, 2015 08:03 PM

Re: Operation Flash - Dragalić sector
Althought this scenario is a bit to large for me, a lot to manage, I was drawn to it because of your previous titles. Anyway, I spent a lot of time looking at the map and at my troops and now have a plan.

But first, I found the scouts needing a little something extra. Scouts should have the ability to radio back to their hq unit and in this game I like to give my scouts the ability to call in arty fires. But, only the Pl unit can do that. So, I created separate scout units so that each can call in fires. The Armour Scout Pl was ditched in favor of 6 Armour Scout sections. I need them to conduct recon, route, and security operations.

I ordered my mech inf battalion to the south to find a way to the rear to strike, cut off possible reinforcements, hunt for the Hq unit, and/or destroy artillery FGs. I placed an armour scout sections with each mechanized rifle company.

Now, if (I should say when) I run into opposition, the scouts can call in the rockets (I'll inactivate two of the rocket pods) and especially so if the battalion gets through and locates the rear flank and FGs.

Everyone will sit in place until the mech rifles get through, engages and captures a few flags. If the AI pulls troops away from the forward positions to recapture the flags in it's rear, my forward units will then advance behind massive rocket and artillery fires (All rocket pods free).

Th Croatian side is well planned and organized in proper formations.



"I'm gonna have me some fun, I'm gonna have me some fun, I'm gonna have me some fun."

SaS TrooP August 29th, 2015 05:09 PM

Re: Operation Flash - Dragalić sector
All enemy units are set to reaction turn at 98. They will not counterattack as usual. You need to drive every single enemy by your own maneuvers.

SaS TrooP February 22nd, 2017 02:30 PM

Re: Operation Flash - Dragalić sector
Dug up this one while scrolling to Oil Crisis Spread scenario. Will this one be also included in the patch?

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