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RERomine September 26th, 2010 03:55 PM

DAR: USSR vs. Germany - Near Vyazma
1 Attachment(s)
USSR vs. Germany

Mission: Advance, Near Vyazma, USSR, 10/1941 - grouped objectives.

Enemy: Reinforced Battalion Strength – 2-3 Tank Co, 2-4 Infantry Co, 2-3 Artillery Bn, plus ATG and AAA. Strike aircraft likely. Average force experience, ~75.

Terrain: Map = 100x100. This is busy map, while at the same time being fairly open. The base elevation on the map is level 10. One stream enters the north edge of the map in the enemy deployment zone and forks in enemy territory. The west branch meanders south and exits in the southwest corner, never leaving enemy territory, where the east branch crosses the map exiting the south edge at my deployment line. Streams running through the map have flood plains to both sides. This would allow units to travel concealed along the streams since it is below the base terrain level. Some swamps are in these areas, but not very many. There are numerous wooded clusters around the map. The most significant ones are a large elongated area to the south of a small town and two smaller woods just west of my deployment line. The northern most of these small woods has an objective group in the northwest corner. North of the town is a small area, but I’m not sure it is large enough to be of any consequence. The enemy could deploy two platoons in there if it wanted to, but it is more likely to be just a block to the line of sight.

The man-made features are more dominant. Centered in the map is a four block town. One objective group is just outside the northeast corner of the town and another centered just south of town. Passing through the town are a railroad and a dirt road. The railroad crosses the map diagonally from the north edge in my deployment zone to the south edge in enemy territory. The dirt road parallels the railroad until it wiggles some just before town. In town, it turns WSW, crosses the tracks and heads off the west side of the map. The east branch of the stream also goes through town so there are quite a few bridges in town, but all on the east side of town. The town itself is very loosely packed with respect to buildings. There is plenty of maneuver room, but the terrain is undulating. The base elevation of the town might actually be more like zero. If that stream ever floods, half of the town will be under water.

There are also three other roads on the map. Near the south edge of the map, there is an east west road. It runs straight until it gets into my territory. There, it turns ENE until it goes off the east edge with many small turns along the way. Also running east west is a paved road a little over 1000m from the north edge. There area a few turns, but not many. Another paved road runs from my deployment zone northwest, exiting the north edge of the map 350m outside of enemy territory. Along these roads, there are villages. The southern EW road has largest number of them. In my territory where the road turns ENE, it is almost constant buildings. Outside my territory, there are four small villages along this road spaced out about one every 750m. Along the diagonal dirt road that goes through the town, there is a dense village just outside my territory. Further south, there is a small village just west of where this dirt road and the diagonal paved road cross. The last village is along the EW paved road just outside of enemy territory. Visibility = 90.

Troops: Tank Brigade Strength – 2 Armor Bn. (40xT-34/76A+, 22xT-34/76B+), 3 Infantry Co., 1 Support Co (4xHMG sec., 4x45mm ATGs, 2x82mm Mort. sec., 2x120mm Mort. sec., 2xKV-I, 4xScouts w/trans., 1xEng. Plt, 3xAAMG sec. and 4xSupply Trucks).

From Support Points: 2x37mm AA Btty/trucks, 4x76.2mm Artillery Btty(off-board), 3xKV-IIB M1940. Average force experience, ~75.

I’ve increased the size of my battalion core to a tank brigade core. This can be considered a promotion due to early battle successes. With the Soviet Army increasing in size and replacing destroyed units, higher command positions would be available.

The TO&E for this tank brigade closely follows the doc I attached in an earlier DAR. My core original core is basically intact. No changes were made to my three infantry companies. My support company was increased in size to match the TO&E of a rifle battalion in a tank brigade. To work with WinSPWW2 OOBs, I had to delete two HMG teams and replace the remaining four with HMG sections. The same basic thing was done with my AAMGs. Originally, I had one section with three teams. The teams were upgraded to three AAMG sections to match TO&E. I’m a little weak on my 120mm mortars, which would be corps attachments. From what I can tell, I should have at least five tubes, but I only have four. TO&E didn’t account for armored cars, so those had to go. There was a corps attachment option of a company of heavy tanks, so I upgraded my two armored cars to KV-I heavy tanks.

To address the realism issue of having T-34s, all I did was upgrade my existing tanks. The other five companies were core expansions. Soviet industry was creating tanks and they were going somewhere. I’m just viewing it as five companies from somewhere were attached to my core. It is easier to explain this than trying to explain having equipment when only a handful were created. My organization has been geared toward one game aspect of these new tank companies. Although they are defined as companies, they only have one leader classified as commanding a platoon. To provide another layer of leadership, I’ve attached one company to each infantry company, creating demi-battalions. The other two companies were attached to my existing tank company. While battalion strength, the game only provides for three levels of leadership: platoon, company and command. All my tanks have all three levels available.

One other note. I’ve fought two battles with most of this new core already. The only change I’ve made since expanding to a tank brigade is the tanks from my smaller core were just upgraded. I’m figuring replacements for existing equipment was hard to come by, so I didn’t upgrade them until now. By October, things were starting to improve for USSR. The element of surprise had worn off and they were launching successful counter attacks once in a while.

Time: 38 Turns


The nature of the terrain make a couple of areas important. Starting with the northern objective group, controlling the woods they are adjacent to and/or the small town to the west are key to securing the group. For me, controlling the woods allows me to protect the objectives with fire. Holding the town will create a barrier the enemy would have to get past to get to the objective group. From my perspective, one down side to the town is it might put my tanks in the line of sight of enemy 88s, if they have them. Those things could dominate open ground and would be a priority target if they turn up.

Control of the town will be major. The last two objective groups can’t be held if the town isn’t held. It would be too easy for someone to pop out of the town and turn them. There will likely be a lot of fighting in the town. I’m glad my infantry has lots of experience.

The south woods also will play a role in controlling the south objective group. While the woods aren’t very dense, they do allow a covered approach from the south. This will work more for the enemy than for me, because the stream creates more of a barrier for me. I don’t like crossing streams unless it is via a bridge. The only bridge available to me outside of the town is one on the dirt road to the south. One plus in this area is the east side of the stream provides an area where over-watch of the southern objective group can take place.


The plan is fairly simple. My three combined infantry-armor teams, still called Alpha, Bravo and Charlie will push forward to control two critical areas: the town and small village northeast of town.

Alpha will push directly west with the objective of capturing the southern part of the town and securing the objective group south of town.

Bravo will push forward just north of Alpha. They will take control of the north half of the town and secure the center objective group northeast of town.

Charlie will push directly west through the North Woods and capture the small village to the west. Along the way, they will secure the northern objective group.

The headquarters group will move forward into the East Woods. Some units that can be used as reserves are the heavy tank section, engineers and machine gun sections.

Flank guards will be out right and left, each composed of one scout section and one 45mm ATG section. This will provide them with eyes on both flanks and the ability to sting a little bit.

My tank battalion will be held in reserve, positioned to be able to quickly move to the right flank long the diagonal paved road, toward the town to over-watch the center or south objectives or to the south to pressure any moves into the south woods. If the opportunity presents itself, they can launch an attack into the enemy rear area along the north or south east-west road.

Attached is a screen print of my battle plan.

RERomine September 26th, 2010 04:15 PM

Re: DAR: USSR vs. Germany - Near Vyazma
Turn 0 (Prep Fire)

No prep fire by either side.


Friendly: Zero.

Enemy: Zero.

RERomine September 26th, 2010 04:17 PM

Re: DAR: USSR vs. Germany - Near Vyazma
Turn 1

There was a brief glimse of one enemy tank, but type and location not reported.


Friendly: Zero.

Enemy: Zero.

RERomine September 26th, 2010 04:36 PM

Re: DAR: USSR vs. Germany - Near Vyazma
Turn 2

Scouts moving into position on right and left flanks. Enemy activity all over.

Five Mk IIIh tanks moving east toward village where right flank guard is positioned.

Six tanks heading southeast across country toward town. They are a mix of types Mk IIIh and Mk IIIj.

Dust plume on dirt road southwest of town.

Dust plume on EW dirt road.

My troops that were riding tanks all dismounted. The tanks are likely to be in action very soon.

Flank guards are at their objectives, but still taking position.


Friendly: Zero.

Enemy: Zero.

RERomine September 26th, 2010 05:28 PM

Re: DAR: USSR vs. Germany - Near Vyazma
Turn 3

Eight enemy tanks of various types moving east north of EW paved road. Five enemy Mk IIf tanks moving east on EW paved road. Both groups fall under the responsibility of Charlie. Deployed four tanks in a line on dirt road north of paved road. Four more took up position along train tracks northeast of village, but south of paved road. Remaining two tanks took up flank position southeast of village. A few shots were taken at the tanks the road, but no success. Enemy armored cars spotted near center objective group.

Bravo armor moved into position to engage enemy ACs, destroying three. There is one left near the objectives. Enemy tanks on northwest edge of town and three Mk IIc tanks are moving through town along the south road. I deployed my tanks to cover the east-west town roads as well as possible, but they aren't going into town until the infantry moves in.

Alpha is in position to deal with the enemy Mk IIc tanks. They shouldn't be a problem. Like Bravo, they are waiting for their infantry to take point moving into town.

One enemy tank spotted moving east on southern dirt road. Because of the dust plume on the road, I can't tell if there are other tanks following him, but it would be a good guess. Flank guard is on their own right now.

Enemy artillery firing at dust plumes my flank guards kicked up. Some 75mm rounds hit village on right flank. More were firing at the left flank transport as they withdrew. Rockets also hit in the area.


Friendly: Zero.

Enemy: 3xSdKfz 231(6) armored cars destroyed.

RERomine September 26th, 2010 06:02 PM

Re: DAR: USSR vs. Germany - Near Vyazma
Turn 4

Charlie has a handful to deal with. There are nine enemy tanks advancing east north of the paved road and another nine on the road. The number was higher, but they destroyed a couple of the light tanks. My guess is they ones north of the road will eventually turn toward the objectives, so I set the range on my ATGs in the flank guard to 250m. I don't want them giving up their position firing at front armor. Enemy artillery pounded the flank village, but missed my troops there. I've got two platoons of infantry moving into the village near the flags and one holding back in reserve. All the flags have been captured.

Bravo tanks destroyed the last enemy armored car. Otherwise, they held their position to let the infantry start moving into town. Enemy tanks approaching town from northwest are gone, so they must be in town. I can't see because of the smoking wreckage from the armored cars.

Three enemy tanks destroyed in town by Alpha tanks. Two more showed up, but won't last long. I sent four tanks out to the east bank of the stream to over-watch the south objective group while my infantry is moving into town. Two enemy tank destroyers seen moving toward town from the southwest.

Left flank guard sees five enemy light tanks moving up. I moved my ATGs out onto the road, one behind the other and set their ranges so they both will engage the same location at the same time. Scouts with satchel charges pulled back into the village and should get any tanks that try to push through. Artillery and rockets went after my transports again, but did nothing but make toothpicks. I have counter battery plotted on the rockets, but they might be out of ammo before it comes in.


Friendly: Zero.

Enemy: 1xSdKfz 231(6) armored car, 3xPzKw IIc tanks and 2xPzKw IIf tanks destroyed.

RERomine September 26th, 2010 06:57 PM

Re: DAR: USSR vs. Germany - Near Vyazma
Turn 5

A lot of wasted steel in Charlie's sector. I managed to destroy two enemy tanks, but most shots missed and of the few that hit, they didn't penetrate. My tanks here are the T-34/76A, so they don't have the newer gun. Destroying two would be nice if seven more tanks hadn't showed up. The enemy has 23 live, functional tanks in Charlie's area. Enemy artillery is continuing to hit the flank guard village. Also, as expected, they started hitting the objective, this time with rockets. It seemed like 5-6 sections. Next turn will really rock. I made sure no one stayed on or around the flags, but I do have some units a little close considering the enemy is using rockets. Those things scatter quite a bit. Enemy artillery also hit Charlie's two tank flank guard. I think I will swing them around to the west side of the village where they can flank the enemy tanks on the road.

Shifted a few Bravo tanks to the right to help Charlie. No enemy seen in the north half of town at the moment. My infantry is pushing in.

Alpha had a field day killing armor. They started with the two enemy tanks on the south town road. Next, the over-watch tanks opened up on the south dirt road, destroying four and immobilizing one enemy tank heading toward the flank guard. Finally, the same tanks opened up on one tank destroyed southwest of town, destroying it.

Left flank guard still holding position quietly. While Alpha stopped five enemy tanks, four more are there. They also are carrying infantry. I'm going to bring back my tracks as soon as the artillery stops and the tanks are put out of action. I need those machine guns. I am calling in my heavy artillery on the road and it should start coming in soon.

Moving two KV-I tanks to help Charlie. Reserve force holding until situation develops further.


Friendly: Zero.

Enemy: 4xPzKw 38b(t), 2xPzKw IIc, 2xPzKw IIIh tanks and 1xJPz I tank destroyer destroyed. Casualties of tank riders unknown.

RERomine September 26th, 2010 07:39 PM

Re: DAR: USSR vs. Germany - Near Vyazma
Turn 6

Charlie is seeing all sorts of action. Aside from tanks, infantry and rockets, two Stukas just came in. I don't think one will be coming back. My AA guns followed Bravo and Alpha up and deployed east of town. A light hit was put on one of the Stukas. The other managed to drop bombs on my two flank tanks, immobilizing one. The crew is rattled and may bail out. Three more enemy tanks put out of action. As expected, most of the enemy tanks north of the paved road headed south down the diagonal road. Most of the enemy tanks are closing in on the paved road intersection north of town. I've got them in something of a cross fire with tanks to their east and south and ATGs to their northeast. Time for those guns to open up. The enemy is supported by a platoon of infantry at the moment. I can't tell how many of the other tanks have infantry draped all over them. You would think I should be able to tell at 250m.

Enemy tanks in town trading shots with Bravo. There are seven of them, Mk IIIh and Mk IIIj varieties. One of my tanks was immobilized by enemy fire. Enemy infantry pushing up through the center of town and catching lots of small arms fire.

Alpha shot up some more enemy armor. Scratch another tank destroyer and two more tanks. The third tank destroyer was damaged and seems to have hauled tracks to Berlin. Infantry from Alpha also fired at enemy infantry. They were going up the center road, which is the boundry between Alpha and Bravo. It stands to reason the enemy is going to catch it from both groups.

The left flank guard could have problems. At least a platoon of upset enemy soldiers is heading their way. That artillery should be coming in next turn. Enemy artillery lifted, so my tracks are rushing back to try to keep the enemy out of the village.


Friendly: Estimated 5 casualties.

Enemy: 2xPzKw 38b(t), 1xPzKw IIIh and 2xPzKw IIf tanks and 1xJPz I tank destroyer destroyed. Estimated 10 casualties.

RERomine September 26th, 2010 08:58 PM

Re: DAR: USSR vs. Germany - Near Vyazma
Turn 7

Both sides scored in Charlie's sector, but the enemy took the worst end of it. I opened up with my ATGs and destroyed one tank and immobilized another. The enemy caught fire from two other directions, leaving seven other tanks in flames. Two more are immobilized. They didn't go without answering something. I lost two tanks as well, plus one with out a gun and another one undamaged, but running. My tank that routed was in the impact hex of 105mm artillery. On top of the tank immobilized earlier, Charlie is down to half strength in armor. Infantry on both sides also traded fire, but it was more of a side show to the main event played out by the tanks. I think it is time to send in my armor reserve. The diagonal paved road goes directly at the enemy. I'm going to send two companies up and hold one back in reserve, just in case.

Bravo was slinging steel into their sector, plus up into Charlie's sector. Three enemy tanks were destroyed in town and the enemy turned one flag. Seven flags and two building and the enemy captures one flag by plowing a tank into a building. Infantry got one of the enemy tanks. Since I saw seven tanks last turn, got three and see four, I don't think there are any other ones lurking in town. Bravo infantry is still engaged with enemy trying to move up the center road.

Alpha was busy putting fire on the south road, but didn't really do any meaningful damage. One enemy tank was holed about four times, but keep moving forward. I would have thought it would have run for home after that damage. Tank machine guns also fired at the enemy infantry to try to help the left flank guard.

On the south road, two Komsomolets came up and fired at enemy infantry moving east. After inflicting a couple of casualties, they seemed to stall the enemy advance. Their two remaining mobile tanks tried to move in, but my ATGs opened up taking one out. The third is out of LOS. Artillery and AA guns also engaged the enemy infantry, helping to slow them down.

One other note, two ME-109s came in and targeted an AA gun, destroying it.


Friendly: 2xT-34/76A tanks destroyed. Estimated 5 casualties.

Enemy: 1xPzKw 38b(t), 8xPzKw IIIh, 1xPzKw IIIj and 1xPzKw IIf tanks destroyed. Estimated 15 casualties.

RERomine September 26th, 2010 09:35 PM

Re: DAR: USSR vs. Germany - Near Vyazma
Turn 8

Charlie is still holding and has support coming from Bravo, so I held back my reserves. They lost one more tank, but three more enemy tanks are destroyed. Two were taken out by Charlie tanks and one by an ATG. The enemy has 12 tanks left in the area, but of those, six are light and two of their medium tanks are immobilized. Charlie has four functional tanks remaining in the area, two heavy tanks coming up and Bravo is sending five more. On top of that, my ATGs should be able to rack up a few more since half of the enemy armor is light. My fleeing tank is recovering its nerve, so it should be back in the area in a turn or two. I also pulled back my tanks north of the paved road. They are in a gully just south of the road near the objectives. The tank crew of my immobilized tank did bail out. Hopefully, I can track them down and get them out of the middle of the battlefield. Four enemy light tanks are moving on the objectives, but will find a surprise with my two tanks in the gully. On top of that, they will meet my KV-Is this turn. Two enemy light tanks came out of a gully northwest of the village. I've got an ATG there that should be able to deal with them. Infantry is trading fire with the enemy coming off worse there, also. All I see are two enemy squads at the moment, but there is a lot of wreckage and smoke. The enemy might be hiding in there.

The last four known tanks in Bravo's sector have been destroyed. My tanks covering the center objective took out three of them and I rushed the fourth when I saw it was retreating. This is why Bravo can send help to Charlie. The enemy is still trying to push infantry down the center road, but they are catching fire from infantry and tanks in town from both Bravo and Alpha. They aren't making it east of the railroad tracks.

Aside from firing at enemy infantry trying to push up in the middle of town, all Alpha has to do is fire at the south road. The only targets there are leg units. Caulk up a few casualties, but that is about it. Enemy artillery did hit just east of town, plinking a couple of my tanks.

The left flank guard is holding fast. No real targets for the ATGs. There was one enemy squad in sight from their position and my tracks sent him running. Heavy artillery came in damaging the immobilized tank and undoubtably rattling the enemy infantry more.


Friendly: 1xT-34/76A tank destroyed. Estimated 5 casualties.

Enemy: 4xPzKw IIIh and 2xPzKw IIIj tanks destroyed. Estimated 15 casualties.

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