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sporadic -Z September 9th, 2019 09:00 AM

a huge 200X160 Siege map/scenario vs CPU
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this is a siege map against the CPU that was made to test how the game would handle a map with no battle lines, attack from all sides.
Particle Keep is a large island with defenses. the player(red) is meant to take as many victory hexes as possible in 50 turns. both sides get airdrops but no strike elements, lots of arty. AT and ATGM emplacements.
this scenario is best played first unawares, just move red to assault the island. the map is 200X160 which is maximum the game allows.
the year 1988, vis is 68 for 50 turns. the red forces are greater but green is dug in and has an advantage.
it's a topographic puzzle. good luck. unzips to scenario589
thanks and enjoy

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