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michael lazar April 14th, 2009 06:42 PM

Winning autovictory against computer
I now have 20 autovictories in a row 10 vs Japan and 1o vs Allies -- All in 1942 or very early 43. I made the later games harder by skipping my first 2turn(and then first 3 turns) and only putting my fleet to sea then (to avoid being bombed in port). The main issue (especially as the Allies) is that the computer does not seem to consider additional forces that will add to his force pool in future turns and thus make very ill advised attacks (and commits to battle) against superior forces. The result - vs the Allies I can easily get decisive carrier battles by taking tarawa on turn 1 and then espiritu on turn 2 or 3. I just need to get Borneo, Leyte, and Luzon to start my push on espiritu. The computer commits suicide trying to take it back. I can usually pick up Java, Guadalcanal, and Port Mosbey on the cheap. (the later two prevent isolation of espiritu.
vs the Japanese I can starve them out of oil by making that my only focus. If I skip the first 2 or 3 turns it takes till late 43 (once till 44). Otherwise I can do it earlier by constant raids and occasionally by an ill advised Japanese attack on a stronger US fleet.

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