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mikewhl December 11th, 2009 07:35 AM

StarBlazers Mod
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I think that this is a really fun mod!
So... I've modeled some new ships for it.
Models are complete, trying to get them to work in the game, got to get thru the learning curve! Have more ships on the way. Stay tuned!
Will gladly accept help in gettin them in the game.


Campeador December 27th, 2009 10:55 PM

Re: StarBlazers Mod
I love your ships. I could have use your talent on 2004 on the Star Blazers mod first release!

mikewhl December 28th, 2009 07:22 PM

Re: StarBlazers Mod
I just found this game. Had I know sooner.........

Still fun to make ships for it even if no one else uses them.


enrico7113 January 23rd, 2010 09:47 AM

Re: StarBlazers Mod
Those ships are really awesome :) wow
please Campeador ... let us fly again against the Gamilons :)

enrico7113 February 6th, 2010 04:45 PM

Re: StarBlazers Mod
Dear Campeador
you really revived this game with your awesome mods
I am an old Yamato/Star blazers fan
do you think would be possible to make a mod even a short one from the gamilon perspective ?
letting us fly the gamilon ships against EDF ships ? :)
and a final engagement with a gamilon fleet against a EDF fleet with the arrival of Yamato near the end of the battle to assure the earth victory ? :)
even if not historical or based on a second campaign to conquer earth ?
I would love it as a lot of other people I think would love it too :)

Atomizer February 17th, 2010 05:54 PM

Re: StarBlazers Mod
Interesting mod, but do you have any tips for beating the first mission? I've tried it about ten times now on easy difficulty and have always gotten killed, or lost the cruiser.

Campeador February 17th, 2010 10:05 PM

Re: StarBlazers Mod
Atomizer for a first mission it was indeed dificult but it still follows the same format as the missions of the original Star Fury game. But you are in luck!

I wrote this mini FAQ (3-28-2008) for the first mission, read carefully:
The star Blazers Mod is very straight forward. For starters your first mission is to go to Pluto and rescue the flag ship of Captain Avatar (a Mogami cruiser).
You will go from Mars to Jupiter then Saturn then Pluto. There may be enemies around, but you should avoid them if you can. Your mission is at Pluto! You want your ship to have no damage.
At the bottom left there is mission screens that will remained you of your mission. It will say in progress, completed or fail and a message.
DO NOT destroy any Star bases unless the game tells you to do so.
So for the very first mission, I would do it like this:
1. Go to the "Hangar". Get the Lightning Torpedo Destroyer. (do not bother with the fighters, there are there in case you want to have a "Joey ride".)
2. Go to the "Mars Space Dock"
3. Get rid of the items on the right of the panel. Those were the items from the fighter you just traded for your destroyer.
4. After you do that you will notice that the weight of your ship is 500 out of 700. That means that you can load another 200 tons of items.
5. Click on the "weapons". Get two "Point Defense Cannons". They will fire automatically against fighters and enemy torpedoes. A MUST! After that your weight is 540. You can still load another 160 tons.
6. Get some shields or armor. I would get shields. Click on Shields (Heavy). Replace the one you have in the front and replace it with one of 80kt. Replace the one on the rear and two sides with a 40Kt. Now the power is too low. Add a power generator (25kt) so that you have 60kt. The ship will still consume 75kt, but is the best we can do. Now the tonnage is 685 out of 700. We still have 15 kt to use. Get some armor; add 10 kt to the front and 5kt to the rear. Now you have reached the maximum tonnage of 700.
7. Lets review: now you have twice the shields on the sides and rear, four times the shields on the front and increase of armor on the front and rear than your original set up! (Do not get overconfident, a Gamilon destroyer can still kick your ***, but your chances of survival have increased).
Now we are done and ready for the mission!
8. Save the game! --- You have 10 save game slots so use them. Save the game at least before every mission. (Do not use auto save - does not work properly)
9. Go to Saturn. Does not waste time in Saturn go straight to Jupiter warp point. (The clock is ticking on this mission)
10. Use the map to find the warp points and go straight for them. You need your ship in one piece so DO NOT go chasing enemy ships. Their speed is about the same as yours except for the fighters, so you can run away from the big ones.
11. Go trough the Pluto warp point. As soon as you enter find Avatar's flag ship. It will be close to you. If there are no enemies close by yet then reduce speed and stay close to Avatar. You want to kill time. If you check your mission page (bottom left) you can compare the time with the "Stardate" bottom center. The mission may say: 2437.75, and the stardate may say 2437.37.
When the .37 reaches .75 and Avatar ship is still alive, you will receive a message telling you that the escort was completed and to return to EARTH.
12. How to survive at Pluto: You are there next to Avatar's ship. You can press "U" to see nearby for friendly ships. If Avatar is close by you will see it. By pressing "T" you will find nearby enemies. Do not rush into battle unless they are attacking Avatar. The idea is to kill time until the clock reaches the mission completion time.
13. The problem is that you cannot control Avatar, he moves on its own and usually into the enemy.
14. Your ship cannot take too much punishment; your best strategy is hit and run tactics. At least you have powerful torpedoes with a good distance reach (140 distances), so hit the enemy from far. Do not get close to the Gamilon Destroyers their strengths are in close fight.
15. The game tends to go too fast for my taste on battles, so decrease the speed of the game by pressing (-) . To speed the game again (+).
16. If your engine speed is too fast then decrease it or stop completely. For example you can totally stop, wait for the Gamilon to approach as soon as it is in range fire your torpedoes, you may hit it twice before they hit you. The shields will charge with time, but if that penetrate your armor you are in trouble, time to move. Keep boxing, hit and run.
17. Usually when you destroy an enemy ship you get some experience, divide the points between "armor" and "hull". That way you will heal faster.
18. Keep close to Avatar, hopefully by now you have destroyed two Gamilon destroyers. You probably have some serious damage. Keep your distance from the enemy. Give time for your ship to heal.
19. Tell Avatar to stop being an *** and stay away from the enemy. The clock is running, half time to go. ****, more enemy ships entering the sector, and the ship is healing too damned slow...How does Avatar manages to be in better shape than me?
20. Try to keep the enemy between you and Avatar that seems to confuse the enemy in deciding who to attack.
21. With any luck the timer will complete and you will get exactly this message: "The flagship is safe and can proceed on its own to the Starbase. Captain Avatar sends his thanks. Credits have been deposited to your account."
22. The mission is completed, run home, now you can forget about Avatar just leave Pluto!
23. You are to return to Earth, not Mars.
24. If you get killed then keep trying. The games changes a little every time, sometimes is easier and others difficult. I got killed like 3 to 4 times before I seceded! If you can do this mission the rest of the game will be easier. Do not give up.
Fight On!

Campeador February 17th, 2010 10:51 PM

Re: StarBlazers Mod
Enrico! Yes, Mike has me salivating with his beautiful ships and components! It is a very interesting idea of yours -a game from the point of view of the Gamilons! Mmmm… me making a short mod? That is my trademark! It is easier to make a mod based on someone story than for me to fabricate one. Multiverse is taking me forever because I just spend a great deal of time thinking up the story. The Gamilons… I am still to finish my Multiverse mod (I am presently taking a short brake playing ‘The Shining Force III’ In my opinion The Shinig force series are the best RPG ever created!) I must finish Multiverse...
Where was I? Oh yes, let me go back and review the Star Blazers second series “The Comet Empire” and the third “the Black Nebula Empire” that is a lot of material to cover. Give me time to get some ideas, and I will see how to make it happen. <?xml:nam<O:p</O:pIn the mean time check this out:<O:p</O:p
[Star_Force] Space Battleship Yamato Live Action Film Trailer

Fight On!

enrico7113 April 22nd, 2010 10:42 AM

Re: StarBlazers Mod
did I read correct ?
you will cover the comet empire and the dark nebula wars ?
wow !!! :)
I can not believe it :)

Campeador April 22nd, 2010 09:03 PM

Re: StarBlazers Mod
No Enrrico, you did read it wrong! I said that I will go back and review the material just to get ideas. From that I may make a short scenario to use the new ships. Even a short scenario is a ot of work!:(

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