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dari January 15th, 2016 12:07 PM

Modding V1.3
HI (especially IBOL),

would it be possible to extend that 99 device limit to something more useful like 999 (that's right 3 digits for the modding win)
just in case someone (... that means me) wants to add 250-300 devices :D
if its really a one-byte number then ill take a 255 limit too.

another modding question:
are the officer profession hardcoded (i guess for the starting selection its yes) but if i wanted to add another one (to be hired at stations) could i just define skills and add them to a new classnumber - also i did not find a file where that new officer class number got its name.

for melee weapon there seems to be a missing paradigm file - unlike the handweapons(sidearms)

are those knives all hard-coded ?

and on a totally other note:
no matter what my crafting skills and quality skills are, my crew can craft only plastic and ceramic armor.

Thank you again for the last update and please use CSV as data source for AI2 !

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