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Tim Brooks September 11th, 2018 04:46 AM

Autumn Signals Falling Prices at Shrapnel Games!
Sale Extended Due to Hurricane Florence!
Autumn Signals Falling Prices at Shrapnel Games!
Limited Time Fall Savings!

Wilmington, NC, 11 September 2018

September signals the beginning of Autumn, which this year is September 22. Shrapnel Games is celebrating our favorite time of year with falling prices on every title in our catalog!

Check out the deals you can get from now thru September 30th:

Save $12.00 on:

Air Command 3.0. Though it tackles a tough subject this game is highly playable, designed to be enjoyed by everyone from the novice who wants to try something new to the hardcore Air Traffic Control gamer.

Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa. Who doesn't like to kill monsters and take their loot? A mixture of dungeon creation kit and dungeon crawling. Fun!

Save $7.00 on:

Air Assault Task Force. Helicopters swooping out of the sky and creating havoc! Modern day airmobile operations showcasing their evolution from Vietnam to Afghanistan.

Approaching Infinity. Infinite adventure and space comabt. Watch out for the bunnies!

Bronze. The ancient lands of Mesopotamia were fertile, rich in minerals and agriculture, and known as the Cradle of Civilization. Fast paced tile laying game of area conquest. Rewrite history!

The Falklands War: 1982. Step back in time to 1982 and wage war at the bottom of the world. Modeling combat down to bayonet charges, this entry features exciting scenarios using real world maps and equipment.

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War. Total warfare on the peninsula in this intense real-time strategy game of modern warfare. The time has come to face down another global threat. Are you up to the challenge?

The Star and the Crescent. Refight key battles of the Yom Kippur War. Gameplay remains a tense, edge-of-your-seat experience, with ultra-detailed real world weapon platforms, intense damage and training modeling, and deep, rich scenarios.

World Supremacy. Peace will only come when all your nation's enemies have been reduced to dust in the wind. No prisoners, no treaties, only when the world is totally conquered will the march of death and destruction halt. It is time for total war.

Save $6.00 on:

Salvo! Send your opponents to Davey Jones' locker in this thrilling wargame of 17th through 19th century Age of Sail combat on the high seas. You command the navies of England, France, the fledgling United States, and others.

War Plan Pacific. Players take on the role of the supreme commanders of either the Japanese or Allied forces fighting for dominance of the Pacific during the Second World War.

Save $5.00 on:

ATF: Armored Task Force. Command tanks and bring down the hammer of justice on all those who stand in your path. Intense and realistic, this is a wargamer's wargame.

BCT Commander. A hyper realistic simulation of modern ground combat, treadheads looking for realism in their games should look no further.

Battle Group Commander Episode One. Battle Group Commander is a real time simulation of modern warfare between the Brits and Soviets. Combines high fidelity gameplay with an attractive price point.

winSPMBT: Main Battle Tank. The result of years of dedicated work by Camo Workshop. Featuring gameplay that anyone growing up on a steady diet of SPI and Avalon Hill titles will instantly recognize. Yearly updates keep this tactical wargame growing.

winSPWW2. The World War II version of winSPMBT by Camo Workshop. Amazing amount of historical detail, massive amounts of gameplay, and an extreme dosage of the fun factor. The best of tactical wargaming, updated every year.

Remember, the sale lasts through September 30th!

For demos of all the above products, or to read more about them please visit us at www.shrapnelgames.com

You can order our games at www.gamersfront.com

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