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Imp April 12th, 2009 11:46 AM

Help on controlling the AI please
Some help advice on controlling the AI please as new to this part of the game, read a few posts could find on currently doing the following.

Example of setting up a game where the human is attacking or assaulting.

Buy AI units set to defend buy any fortifications units you want dug in
Move battle type slider to meeting or delay any further units buy for the AI will not be dug in (also player troops wont be dug in if have not bought)
Deploy units
Now 2 options for defending AI to get some troops to attack
A) Save game as delay or defend & set reaction time for units that you want to move (plus waypoints if needed because they will still stay still)
B) Save game as meeting any units with reaction of 99 will move at start for others set reaction time for when you want them to move

Setting up a game where AI is attacking assaulting or meeting

All 99 reaction units will move at start if want to delay some set there reaction time to that turn

Once set up AI side playing with it as human setting all except HQ to computer control to see what they do but can you explain the following please. Just give number & yes no for answer perhaps with explanation if I am being thick.
Main things I am after is getting some units to counter attack when AI defends delays.

1) Reaction turn is when moves 99 the default is I think a special case as follows.
Meeting or advance unit moves at start.
Defending unit does not move but like a normal game will eventually go after lost flags so long as worth more than 10 points

2) Mucking about with battle type slider will not muck up 99 reaction time setting they will use the battle setting when save the scenario as in defenders stay put otherwise move.

3) If attacking & I want some units not to move at start but wait a few turns just set there reaction to say 3 & they will start moving on turn 3

4) Similar if attacking but do not want a unit to move as in attack on one front but have say flank or ATGMs hold position again adjust reaction time to when free to move (just longer)

5) Defending if I want some units to attack again set reaction time to when they move out.
Will they move or as defending will they just sit there.

6) Same as 5 but if I then give them waypoints will they move if not how do you get them to.
Is setting battle type to meeting when save the easist way

7) On waypoints they should be set so units generally move over 2 if want them to move fast any further apart can miss some

8) If want unit to move slowly should set to move over 3 will stop at the 3rd one

9)I read in a post or guide Plasma Krabs I think for waypoints to work need a reaction time of zero is that correct

If yes to 9 following questions.

10) If I do not want units to move till later but want to use waypoints will they stay stationary for every 3 waypoints placed in there hex so if placed 9 in the hex it would not start moving till turn 4.
Option B place 3 in adjacent hex so only moves 1 hex a turn. Does placing more than 3 waypoints in a hex do anything.

11) On 10 would setting them as reinforcements work better

12) Reinforcements if use waypoints still set reaction time to zero

13) Attack helos as reinforcements in an AI defend delay if I set reaction turn to arrival turn will they move/attack.
Really the question is how when AI defends how do I set helos to attack but say from turn 4 as waypoints for helos not sensible.

Thanks for your time & hope that made some sense

hoplitis April 12th, 2009 02:55 PM

Re: Help on controlling the AI please
Concerning the waypoints ... I wish it was as simple as that!

Imp April 12th, 2009 06:25 PM

Re: Help on controlling the AI please

Concerning the waypoints ... I wish it was as simple as that!
Realise that but trying to keep simple so I get clear answers & can at least get them to do roughly what I want then its sit down with PlasmaKrabs guide but first I just need to be able to get some units mobile while others stay on hold.
I can get patrols walking round a base in a meeting but damned if they work in a defend & the reinforcements from the nearby barracks that enter just sit there instead of driving down the road.

Double_Deuce April 12th, 2009 06:48 PM

Re: Help on controlling the AI please

Originally Posted by Imp (Post 685415)
[font=Verdana][size=2]Some help advice on controlling the AI please as new to this part of the game.

There are some posts by Pyros on doing this. Very good stuff. Not sure where in these forums but try searching some of his posts.

Imp April 12th, 2009 10:17 PM

Re: Help on controlling the AI please

There are some posts by Pyros on doing this. Very good stuff. Not sure where in these forums but try searching some of his posts.
Okay me bad dont know why I mentioned PlasmaKrab it was Pyros post & link in the game guide I read. The only post I found of his relating to this is "Advanced scenerio design using waypoints" which does not help with questions. I can get stuff to function in a meeting or attacking reasonably well but can find nothing that addresses the issue on how I get some units to stay still while others attack when AI is defending.

Was hoping for some hints as even when you know what you are doing getting the AI to perform sensibly & then checking the tank platoon moves to the tree line nice & slow takes a lot of time.

Imp April 12th, 2009 10:41 PM

Re: Help on controlling the AI please
I will admit to being a bit ambitious in my first proper foray starting with defending a port from attack while the Marines land (or not) so I decided to try something a bit smaller with special forces scouting a lab then using same map to attack it as they spot Chinese advisors & scientists (hopefuly) which is when I ran into problems. Setting AI as defender the relief force that turns up from nearby barracks as reinforcements just sits there. Which is why I asked do they need waypoints assigned to move or should I set to meeting engagement but then my thinking says I need to set defenders reaction so they do not leave there posts.
The problem with this is I then have to guess when they should move to take back flags (well try)
Thats why I asked if reaction 99 was a special case as in what AI uses normaly. If I set reaction to quite high for them like 2/3rds way through if they lose enough flags will they still go early?
It will take a while for me to playtest & find out so was hoping someone who has done could advise me.

Also on reinforcements having arrival turn vary slightly by setting arrival chance to say 30% sounds good but set reinforcement units individually. Do the individual units check for arrival or the platoon leader & all or none turn up because the first case splits up the platoon so is of no use.

hoplitis April 13th, 2009 12:16 AM

Re: Help on controlling the AI please
Ok, here is a hint on waypoint usage. You must always take into account the change of "turns" as the game will delete a waypoint on each change. So if you a section/squad to begin on the movement phase of turn 20 you must have already "clicked" 20 waypoints before the waypoints that will actually control the manouver you want your units to do. The one waypoin/turn is true even for reinforcements appearing later in the game.

Imp April 13th, 2009 08:48 AM

Re: Help on controlling the AI please
Okay thats usefull thank you any other little bits of advice appreciated.
Realise how long it takes to get them to work now.

Imp April 13th, 2009 09:29 AM

Re: Help on controlling the AI please
Hoplitis thats a big thank you they now work I must have missed that when read the stuff. Was getting dishartened takes a lonnnng time.
Any other hints would really be apprecited because as you say these waypoints are not quite as easy as they look.

If anybody has tips on controlling the pace of vehicles please post think I am getting there but still hit & miss. Sometimes units move to position & take station for a couple of turns but sometimes they seem to get a mind of there own :)
Again thanks

Imp April 13th, 2009 10:22 AM

Re: Help on controlling the AI please
Right now I am a happy bunny a couple of things first 2 I am pretty sure are a no but i might have missed something.

1) Is there anyway to just delete the last waypoint not the whole string

2) Can you force vehicles to unload would be usefull if they actually dropped off passengers in cover rather than waiting till in a fire fight.
Dropping off ATGMs MANPADS at a sensible distance would be handy to going for a play.

3) Any otherway of doing this
Mech infantry platoon want APCs to follow behind troops giving covering fire only way I have found to do is buy troops & APCs seperate so buy a rifle platoon & then swap them to mech infantry. I can then plot waypoints so APCs advance at 2-3 hexes staying behind troops.
If use a normal mech platoon the first thing they do is pick everybody up because of course troops head for waypoints to:doh:

A good point for anyone intreasted if do this with IFVs with ATGMs & a giro they can still fire there ATGMs albeit with diminished accuracy I think.

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