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sigeena June 29th, 2015 03:12 AM

Re: "Enjoy the War."
I've played quite a bit with IJA. I usually run an infantry battalion as my core force. Depending on the type of mission, I'll get to spend support points on Armor, Engineers and Recce if it's an Assault or AT guns if its a Defend.

It used to be far easier for the infantry to be successful in their close assaults on armor. And the standard IJA infantry has sufficient Morale to attempt close assaults.

The LC for Japan from 1937 will take you across at least 2 years of fighting Nat Chinese and Chinese Communists, before going against Soviets from '38 to '39. That's a pretty good time to fight against the Soviets, they do not have such heavy armor yet.

Then if you continue till '41, you'll have the opportunity to go into SouthEast Asia against British forces. By '42-'43, you'll be able to fight against USA, UK, Australia till end of the war. It's a very wide-ranging LC.

I've had my battalion rebuilt several times. Their equipment never did improve as the war got on, so it always got comparatively more challenging.

Wiking June 29th, 2015 09:59 AM

Re: "Enjoy the War."
I've had to put my IJA campaign on hold for the time being since I'm trying out Monty's DAS REICH mod for Steel Panthers MBT. I actually started mine in 1931 in Manchuria and found it a very refreshing change of pace. It is very infantry focused as you said, and I think it might take some getting used to to not see periodic upgrades for my infantry :) I did enjoy exploring a new order of battle and approaching the game from a fresh perspective, and I fully intend to return to Imperial Japan at some point to get my fill of infantry combat in the jungles of the pacific and asia.

But you're absolutely right, it does get very challenging as things go on. Primarily I think because of the artillery situation and less because of the armor: the Japanese infantry can handle most tanks if they use the terrain correctly, but the Allied infantry can be rough to deal with since Japanese infantry battalions have less or lower quality artillery than a lot of their European counterparts. In the battles I played I felt like I was relying much more on my machineguns and my snipers to fix the enemy so that I could overwhelm them with fire. Tanks (I only bought one company and broke it up amongst the battalion of infantry) were also useful for this but so painfully slow and undergunned that you couldn't expect them to handle everything on their own.

Wiking March 2nd, 2016 04:24 PM

Re: "Enjoy the War."
So I have a chronic habit of restarting this time I cooked up a new OOB that's probably a little bit less insane than what I had before.

1x Battalion HQ

2x SS Panzergreandiere Kompanie starting with Horch Kfz. 70 Trucks
*1x Kompanie HQ
*3x SS PzG Zug (4 Rifle squads with 1 AT rifle)
*1x SS MG Zug (4 MG08 HMG)
*1x SS Pioniere Zug (4 squads)
*1x SS GrW Batterie (4 8cm tubes)
*1x SS Spaher Zug (3 squads of 6 men with Kfz 15 trucks)

2x SS Panzerkompanie
*I Kompanie with 12 PzKw 38(t) Ausf. A and 5 PzKw II Ausf. B
*II Kompanie with 12 PzKw 35(t) Ausf. A and 5 PzKw II Ausf. B

1x SS Artillerie Abteilung
*1 SS Observer
*3x 4 gun 10.5cm gun batterie

1x SS Korp level artillery
*3x 15cm batterie
*1x 21cm Batterie

1x SS Panzerspaeh kompanie
*6x SdKfz 231 8 Rad
*13x SdKfz 222 4 Rad

So this gives me integral artillery, infantry, engineering assets, armor and tons of recon. I also have a Kradschutzen company tagging along that I'll drop for an under-strength Tiger company later in 1943. Overall this is more of a "Kampfgruppe" than an on paper infantry battalion. Its very flexible and probably heavy on the artillery, but considering how much arty I have to receive from the Allies and Soviets I stopped feeling bad about that really quick. Its often essential for breaking massed infantry attacks.

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