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runequester March 27th, 2011 03:02 PM

Observations and anecdotes. German 1939 campaign
Been away from the game for a while. Currently playing a long war campaign as Germany.

Random thoughts and observations:

Trying a wider variety of weapons than I usually do. This is actually tricky, because I tend to have a higher proportion of my points "up front", whereas now, there's a fair share of FLAK and at gun that aren't always contributing.

Keeping a Panzergrenadier and a Panzer IV platoon in reserve to rush in where needed. Trick is to wait long enough.

Ive upgraded their trucks to half tracks as they get blown up, which is a huge boon. Infantry have a hard time dealing with them, the Panzergrenadier can hide in the same hex, and the extra MG does wonders.

The heavy woodlands typical in Poland make things tricky, because it's hard to shell effectively without being too close, and machine guns within 400 meters or so of the enemy will get picked to pieces by their rifles.

20mm FLAK can stand in for a long range MG just fine.

Started the campaign with PZ 35 (t), and just upgrading as they get blown up.

Trying to rely on my antitank guns and AT rifle teams to knock out armour. My tank platoon spends its time harassing enemy infantry. This is working pretty well, though my foot troopers have knocked out several tanks in the woods.

I'll repeat my love for the SDKFZ 222. Fast, tough enough to survive infantry fire, and the 20mm with plenty of ammo means they can blow up enemy tanks and armoured cars, holding them off the objectives until my infantry can get there.
They do die a lot, but they are well worth their points.

Probably never put enough weight on counter battery. The last battle, the Poles had a pair of 100mm guns on board. As soon as I detected them, I hit them with everything I had, and life got much much easier. Definately priority going forward.

manteuffel April 23rd, 2011 02:19 PM

Re: Observations and anecdotes. German 1939 campaign
I usually had a healthy helping of Stukas when I was in this kind of fight. The Polish army doesn't have much high speed reactionary units so I would rush with my panzers in a sharp arrow formation with scouts in front and heavy troops in the back. When I punched through the line the enemy would be over run in the area that I attacked and I would just lead the arrow formation down to the V hexes and defend.

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