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npru009 October 12th, 2008 04:47 PM

New Shipset : The Vudar Enclave
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New Shipset : The Vudar Enclave

The Vudar are a humanoid race that are descendance from a line of Gecko-like reptiles. Although carnivores, their society is generally peaceful.

Biological Description := The Vudar are a bipedal reptilian humanoid, standing six to seven feet tall but are very thin for their height. They are excellent swimmers and have a natural resistance to ionized radiation. This is due to the fact that their home world is located on the edge of the galaxy in an area where a weakness in the the energy barrier produces high levels of radiation, very hazardous to most species, but on which the Vudar thrive.

Society Description := The Vudar society is dedicated to work. Their populations are most happy when vigorously working. They excel at mining and refining radioactive materials. Their society is governed by the religious order.

General History Description := The Vudar's history is a relatively peaceful one. Most of their differences they solve through some kind of working arrangement. The few wars they have been engaged in were mainly due to other races wanting to obtain their ionized radiation technology.

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