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Grant1pa June 2nd, 2014 06:09 PM

NATO vrs Warsaw Pact Scenario II: The Rabbit Hole
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Here's another NATO v. Warsaw Pact scenario set in a fictional outbreak of war in Europe in 1985.

This battle sets elements of the 3rd Infantry Division (US) vrs Soviet forces comprised of the 154th Tank Regiment supported by the 51st MRR.

The background is that the Soviet's have broken through US/German lines and are exploiting by utilizing Highway 70 as their axis of advance.

US Forces have set an ambush and hope to hold the line, hence the title "the rabbit hole". The scenario is set up to minimize US force ranges to limit opportunity fire. You will have to order to fire once you feel range and targets are optimized. The setup of objectives gives the AI some leeway to move its forces.

I set this up to play from the US side. However, the Soviets have an overwhelming superiority of forces so it may be interesting to play from that side. Hope you enjoy.


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