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jivemi February 26th, 2016 10:58 PM

Scen 119--Ukrainian Crisis
Greetings. Just wondering if anybody's had any luck with the Russians in this one. They're supposed to advance but every time I've done so my guys get clobbered. Last time it lasted 20 turns before throwing in the towel.

Spoiler Alert

The Russians are outnumbered by perhaps 25% in raw terms, while their T-80Bs are inferior to the Ukrainian T-64Us and T-80UBs. Their opponents' Spandrels and BRM-2Ms (with Konkurs) have thermal imaging (so do the T-64Us). Along with that there's plenty of infantry with advanced RPGs, Engineers belching hellfire (RPO-A Shmel RFT) and Factoriya teams lurking in ambush. They're backed by plenty of artillery which brews up unlucky BRMs and disables tanks yet there's no arty overload penalty.

The Russians seem to have an edge in experience but the Ukrainians have better morale. What's an armchair general to do? Thanks.

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