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Mobhack April 19th, 2017 11:54 AM

Has anyone noticed this with the ATGM graphic sequence?
On occasion on one of my PCs, when an ATGM is about to resolve its hit/miss at the end of its flight the screen "shifts" to a smaller resolution briefly as the explosion graphic sequence plays through, then reverts to the regular size.

This does not happen every time on this machine, just on occasion. If it decides to do it then it sticks with it - but exiting the game and restarting a saved game usually makes it go away till the next time.

It seems to me that this is likely to be graphics card related. Its not the graphics library, or my code that's doing this (my laptop never does it). It may just be windows 8.1 that does it (The laptop did not do it when it was W7, nor after upgrading to W10 and I never saw it on previous boxes that were XP and before. The graphics library is third party and unchanged, and the missile explosion graphics code is unchanged since SSI developed it).

Wondering if anyone else has noticed this phenomenon?.

If so - do you have an AMD Radeon HD 7560D + R5 235 Dual Graphics card installed?. What O/S?.

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