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Gandalf Parker January 26th, 2009 03:07 PM

How to Organize a game on the Dom3Minions Server
The Dom3 Minions server supports direct-connect dominions games. They are probably the simplest to get into. At the Dom menu simply choose Network, then Connect to a Dominions Server, enter the servers address (in this case game.dom3minions.com) and then the port number that the game is running on. After that it is like playing solo, but with multiple players. You do not need the map (the server will send it to you if it sees you dont have it). And you do not need to figure out how to email your turns in and out of the game.

Short Answer:
I maintain a variety of popular game-types open at all times. At this time it includes simple blitz (2-4 players on a medium map), and players against computer players (1-4 players and 3 allied AIs on a small map), or a small fast game (1-4 on medium map) using the CBM mod with Worthy Heroes mod, and the ever popular chaos games for people who love surprises.
Check here:
Join a game and wait for others to join.

Longer Answer:
Start a game.
1) Select one of the open games that interests you.
or design your own from scratch.
2) Use the "New Thread" button on this forum to begin a conversation.
3) Describe the game and provide basic information
4) Wait for others to say they will join
As the person who started the thread you will be considered to be the person running the game. You will have final say, and be expected to contact the host for things such as pausing the timer or turning a player to AI who fails to play their turns.

Gandalf Parker January 26th, 2009 03:08 PM

Re: How to Organize a game on the Dom3Minions Server
Really Long Answer:
Create a thread. Usually the person creating the thread is considered to be the person running the game. The arbitrator, the decider of arguments, the judge, the final say on "OK its been decided and this is what we are going with". Also its generally accepted to be the official person who is expected to contact the Host letting them know of the game settings and any changes in those later on. Please dont expect me to read each thread about each game on my server. I might see it. But the best bet is for you to PM or Email me.

The subject of the first post should say the name of the game and something such as starting. As the person who created the thread you can edit the subject later to say game has begun. The first post in the thread (yours) should be used for the basic game information. So if you dont have any of that yet then make the first post a placeholder. Or fill it in with what you want the game to be like in short details. Then the following posts are for longer explanations and discussions of game settings. That is of course IF you want discussion on game settings but keep in mind that YOU are the person that is running the game that YOU want to run. There are plenty of options for other games with other settings so dont feel pressured to change the game to something else that you might bail out on early. If you do quit the game then quitting the game is not as big a problem as dropping it. PLEASE be honorable enough to pass the torch of running the game to someone else if you quit.

Here are some things you might decide for the game you want to run, or allow the players to debate, or a mix of both. You should probably state right off in the first or second post which things you feel are pre-decided and which you are allowing to be open for discussion.

Direct Connect (TCPIP)? PbEM (Play by EMail)? Both?
Most of the games on my server are direct connect. But pbem is supported also. Players can ask to have each turn sent to them. They can ask to email their turns back. Most simply request to have an email let them know when the game has hosted, or maybe have an sms (text message) be sent to their cell phone. For an easy joining or setup method of an all-PbEM game you should really check out LlamaBeasts wonderful server at http://www.llamaserver.net

Where will it be running? In this case the answer would be game.dom3minions.com.
And the port it will be running at which is different for each game.

How often will it host? Quickturn (as soon as all player files are turned in)? 24 hours whether the turns are in or not? Both? (all files or 24 hours whichever happens first)? Host set for specific days and times? automatic pause day (hosting time paused on Sunday)? The default on my server is for Quick, or 24-hours timed-out. But that can be changed.

What era is it? The open games that listed are preset. But if you desire something different then simply let me know. I can even support All-Era in the same game.

How many players are you hoping for?

Are there any House Rules? These would be anything not included in the standard solo game. Do not take for granted that simply because all of the other dom3 games you played in did something a certain way that all of the players will take it for granted. Such as: Are there any nations that are not allowed? Certain spells not allowed? Certain tactics not allowed?

Along the same line, is there any Mod that is required? The players must know that ahead of time. Its often important that they create their gods using the mod. Do not take for granted that everyone has it, has heard of it, or knows where to get it. Providing a download link when mentioning the mod is a good idea.

What Map will be used? Most of the games on my server generate a fresh random map for each game. However any map can be used. If you wish it I can generate a batch of maps to your specifications, allow you to select one, and use that.

Those are the basics which is usually followed by a list of who joins and what nations they are playing (be sure to put your own choice in if you want to reserve it). If you have not decided on some of it then just leave a spot for it such as MAP: to be decided. Or maybe ERA: open for discussion.

Any option you have seen on any server is pretty much available on mine upon request.
I can email you backups of the game each turn. Provide status pages. Whatever you desire for your game, lets discuss it.

Here are some other items you might want to consider:
How long will you wait for people to join? Uploadtime auto-enforced by the host?
Hall of Fame 15? Renaming on?
Simple Victory (there can only be one)?
Scenario? (one example would be a Mordor style nation boosted and given a head start with the goal being for everyone to ally and take it out)
Money (gold) turned down? turned up? default?
Supplies (food) turned down? turned up? default?
Resources (production) turned down? turned up? default?
Magic (research) slower? faster? default?
Magic Sites? 40 (default)? more? less? maximum? none?
Independents Strength? low? high? chaotic? none?
Number of starting provinces to speed up start (but can break balances). 1? 3? 5? more?
Map Victory (take VP locations)?
Will Info on nations be available in game (graphs)? Scoreboard visible (html)? Stats file visible?
Will you demand email addresses? Demand passwords?
Rules on NAPs? Rules on missed turns?
AIs? (computer players at the start? maybe filling in any unfilled nations)
AIs that are not part of the game (MOD'd nations as AIs for more challenge)?
AIs as a major opponent?

Map and map size: Discussion of how many provinces per player? 5? 10? 20?
A map that came with the game and everyone has it?
A map created and made available here in the forum?
A Random-Generated map so that no one has seen it before?
A Random-Generated map that has been checked by a 3rd party for balance, reasonable start sites, etc?
No-Independents Map? Chaotic Independents map? Semi-Randomized map?

Also remember that we do have a CHAT feature available to us on these forums (that chat link at the top of the forum menu). You can open a "room" for your game to allow direct conversation without waiting for in-game PMs. A great feature if you would prefer a "blitz" style game more like a solo game but with multiple players. Everyone meet in the room and try to finish the entire game in one day.

Discussion of this thread can occur here:
This game is NOT suitable for students, interns, apprentices, or anyone else who is expected to pass tests on a regular basis. Do not think about strategies while operating heavy machinery. Before beginning this game make arrangements for someone to check on you daily. If you find that your game has continued for more than 36 hours straight then you should consult a physician immediately (Do NOT show him the game!)

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