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Tim Brooks March 4th, 2013 10:54 PM

ProSIM Appreciation is Here!
ProSIM Appreciation is Here!
Celebrate with Awesome Savings on All ProSIM Titles thru March 18!

Wilmington, NC, 05 March 2013

This March, we are taking time out to appreciate a line of wargames that have proven themselves as more than just games, but modern, real world simulations in use by militaries around the world. The seven titles in the ProSIM line are on sale for 20% off their normal pricing now thru March 18, 2013.

The ProSIM titles are:

Air Assault Task Force: A sweeping look at heliborne operations from Vietnam through Afghanistan with a stop in Somalia.

ATF: Armored Task Force: The predecessor to the Air Assault Task Force engine, ATF focuses on modern mechanized engagements.

Battle Group Commander: Episode One: Deals with the British Battle Group organization. Fight a Soviet style force at the Salisbury Plain training area of England.

BCT Commander: An oldie but goodie. Brigade level simulation of mechanized warfare.

The Falklands War: 1982: A forgotten conflict in the world of wargaming and history, relive the British struggle in the South Atlantic.

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War: Hypothetical look at a regime change in North Korea featuring lots of cool chrome and intense battles.

The Star and the Crescent: Features both historical and hypothetical battles in the Arab-Israeli conflicts.

ProSIM titles are some of the most remarkable simulation wargames of the modern battlefield that you'll ever play, showcasing the power of what a computer consim can truly achieve. Taking full advantage of their medium, ProSIM titles do not restrict themselves to hex maps, combat result tables, or other elements of tabletop wargaming. Play is continuous real-time (with the ability to pause and issue orders). Maps are based on real-world digital elevation models accurate to within about three meters. Weapon systems are intricately modeled and allow for realistic combat results rather than a blanket loss of hit points or step reduction.

ProSIM titles focus on a 'grand tactical' scale, whereupon an entire force under the player's command may be a brigade or regiment but players can actually control down to individual units. In fact, thanks to the highly regarded AI the player can either take charge at a macro or micro level and the AI will handle those units not under direct command. Enemy decision point tactics also means that the opponents faced will be just as clever. All titles also support play against a live opponent, always the true threat, and the ability to edit scenarios keeps the games constantly fresh. It should also be noted that the ProSIM titles not only serve the wargaming community but serve also as professional training tools around the world.

In a world of yet another gamey WW2 title isn't it time to try out something different? Something more realistic? Something that will challenge you in ways that an odds based CRT can never do? Try a ProSIM simulation from Shrapnel Games and find out what high fidelity wargaming truly means.

To read up on any of the ProSIM titles, download their demos, or purchase please visit www.shrapnelgames.com. Remember, all ProSIM titles are on sale thru March 18th at 20% off their normal price. And if you enjoy modern warfare gaming be sure to check out the classic hex and turn based play of WinSPMBT, available as both a free download and for sale with enhanced features not found in the free download. Of course if you're just a fan of interesting strategy and niche gaming, be sure to browse our entire catalog of award-winning titles. Since 1999 Shrapnel Games has been bringing gamers around the globe the very best in independent strategy gaming.

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