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Tim Brooks March 18th, 2014 07:03 AM

The Shrapnel Games March Madness Sale Event!
The Shrapnel Games March Madness Sale Event!
Every Title On Sale thru March 31!

Wilmington, NC, 18 March 2014

It's March and the annual NCAA Basketball Tournament is upon us. It is named March Madness and we at Shrapnel Games are celebrating the insanity with a sale event so large, that we may also be deemed a little crazy. From now thru Monday, March 31st, every computer game available at Shrapnel Games is being discounted in a frenzy of insane savings:

Air Assault Task Force $33.95
Air Command 3.0 $29.95
ATF: Armored Task Force $23.95
Battle Group Commander: Episode One $12.95
BCT Commander $15.95
Bronze $24.95
The Falklands War: 1982 $34.95
Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War $34.95
Salvo! $34.95
Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa $19.95
Space HoRSE $24.95
The Star and the Crescent $34.95
Total Eclipse: The Standard Manual $3.95
Total Eclipse: The Adventurer's Forge $5.95
Total Eclipse: The Virdean Gazetteer $5.95
War Plan Pacific $33.95
winSPWW2 $34.95
winSPMBT $34.95
World Supremacy $24.95

That’s right, everything from simulation to beer and pretzel, from Windows to Mac, has been reduced in price for the time being. This is a perfect opportunity to snag some great gaming that will make you barking mad.

For the traditional wargamer the turn based tactical hex-based winSPWW2 and winSPMBT Enhanced Editions are perfect additions to the collection. Boasting several hundred scenarios between the two of them, these games will last for years on your hard drive.

Eurogamers and those looking for a fast playing, unique turn based strategy title should check out Bronze, the beautiful and brilliant tile management game set in ancient Mesopotamia. Another fast mover is the superb War Plan Pacific, allowing strategy gamers to refight the war in the Pacific in a single session!

Simulation gamers will appreciate any of the ProSIM line of titles, from Air Assault Task Force to The Star and the Crescent. Real-time strategy games of modern land warfare, these are highly detailed and comprehensive looks at the modern battlespace, playing unlike any other game. Much more than your standard wargame, these are the ultimate exercises in digital combat.

Stop by www.shrapnelgames.com to check out the complete catalog of discounted titles. There you can read up on the individual games and download demos before making your choices for purchase.

The Spring Madness sale runs from now thru March 31st.

Shrapnel Games delivers the best in niche gaming since 1999 and is always looking for innovative gaming, such as the highly popular Total Eclipse. Developed by Disrupted Gears, Total Eclipse is a universal RPG system designed for tabletop play and optimized for modern devices. Check out Total Eclipse here: http://www.shrapnelgames.com/Disrupt...E/TE_page.html

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