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Default Some technical Problems With Demo

Hi Guys,

Just downloaded the latest Demo (3.0). I have had the 1.2 Version for about 4 months and really enjoyed it. I'm an old ATC sim buff going back to my Commodore days with "Kennedy Approach" but I digress..

The Demo keeps crapping out with a General Protection fault in DIBENG.DLL. Microsoft's knowledge base says "Your Video driver is not standard" and they recommend using standard VGA. I have an ATI Rage Pro (Which sucks I know!) and it works fine with everything else on the planet except your Demo. Any suggestions? Or am I the only person on the planet with this crappy video card? I haven't tried it at home yet, I imagine my Geforce2 will handle it better.
Just wondering if you have had any other feedback about this error or problem.


I went to ATI's website and they had a some notes on DIBENG.DLL problems. I had to downgrade the Version of driver I am running in order for the Video Drivers that AC3.0 uses to work. Once I did that the game runs fine. (I just love ATI!)

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