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Default Air Command 3.0 Documentation

Ok, this is how it is. I recieved an email but a day ago from someone who wanted to know how to play AC3. But instead of sending a response to him directly, I would like to share with everyone who visits this forum (admitedly not many, but...). In other words, I want to create a Online copy of the manual right here in the forum. Basically because it cannot be found anywhere else for the demo Users - at least, from what I can tell. The demo help does do an OK job of getting people started but it doesn't answer many questions at all. In fact, it raises many more. I would be willing to do this, but I am not sure if I am allowed to reproduce the manual. In the manual it clearly states that I am not allowed to reproduce it. So... (Drunkard getting on his knees.) PLEASE JOE, CAN I PLEASE POST IT? IT WILL ONLY HELP PEOPLE OUT. Or is there some reason Joe has not done this already? Maybe some sort of abstract copy protection? But I still don't understand why there wasn't an Online manual on the CD. Just some thoughts...

Or, if someone owns a scanner maybe they could scan the whole thing using text recognition software? Anyone out there have one and willing? Otherwise I'll just type it in by hand. :/
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