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Default AC3 Airport Expansion Pack

For those of you forum go-ers that don't know - I just read this myself at - there is going to be a AC3 Airport Expansion Pack released sometime in August. And there is this entire contest thrown in with it that'll land your best AC3 airport into the expansion, and you can also win some dough. That's kinda cool, I guess...(Drunkard has visions of entering a Disney themed airport. B&tB comes to mind, but that illusion is quickly dispelled as his liquor begins to wear thin...)

Someone tell me that this expansion pack has more than just airports. The only way I would pay for something like that is if it had some real content, other than that I could create in MY SLEEP. What I'm wondering is: what the hell could this expansion possibly add that we can't do ourselves? Surely Gabriel and the others - I'm sure you're out there - wouldn't actually pay for an expansion that added just airports (on a side note I don't think the pirates would even think it's worth it). I know I wouldn't. (I know I said I would buy it in another post, but damn, I need at least one new feature...I'm not THAT drunk). If it has ACTUAL FEATURES though, I'll gladly forfeit some wine money to purchase that bastard. For example, a GOOD feature would be the entire Beauty and the Beast soundtrack in midi form - or whatever format it's currently in - or if that fails you could always resort to the suggestions that others have made in the forum...

Of course I am assuming here...and we know what happens when you assume: *** U ME.
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