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Default Graphics Poll

Hello Everyone:

I received the email below from a highly knowledgeable person who works with the history and recreation of the ships from the age of sail. He is quite concerned that Salvo is not accurate enough in the depiction of ships. I am not arguing with him on that, there is defiantly room for improvement. Hence: I would like to know how strong the general sentiment is.

Dear Andrew London
I saw your game 'Salvo' mentioned on 3D games and was initially very interested, But I see from the screen shots that your ships have a 'couse' (lower sail) on the mizzen and no driver.
This glaring inaccuracy ruins the entire look of a game that has obviously had a great deal of time and money spent on it. I would think that a game of this type has something of a niche market and would mainly appeal to people already interested in the period, like myself.
I feel sure they would be put off buying such a game, because if something as basic as the look of the ships is wrong, then we might expect that there are other inaccuracies with in the games programming that we can not see.
I understand that I may just be an old Anorak, but I have been making models of Napoleonic ships professionally for the past 12 years and have been looking forward to such a game being released, after the fiasco that was Age of Sail 2.
Andrew Lonon

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