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Default Demo bug - invalid action marker

I've been having a lot of fun with the demo, but I just ran into a significant issue with an invalid action marker showing up, which on reflection I think I may have seen affecting computer shots too.

The attached screenshots pretty much tell the story:
- my Trehourt is distance 11 from the Wellesley, and has its port broadside facing
- the game gives me a distance "1" action marker on the Wellesley, which when clicked fires the Trehourt's starboard broadside
- curiously, the action marker remains and can be clicked again and again to fire 0 gun broadsides (incidentally, this is how I came by the screenshots - I didn't stop to think about it the first time around)
- I am confident the first shot when the guns were loaded actually did do range 1 damage (notice the missing mast?), which makes it a pretty powerful effect when it occurs.

- Loops
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