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Default On creating a new game

The actual process of creating a new game is pretty straightforward. Just go to, and hopefully it will all be fairly self-explanatory. You should note that even once you create the game you can go back and change any of the settings, so you needn't worry about things becoming too set in stone.

So, the bigger question is when and how you should organise a new game. Here are a few guidelines:

- Anyone is welcome to create a new LlamaServer game. If you just want to make a small game for you and your friend, go ahead.

- Don't actually create the game on the LlamaServer until all the players have signed up, or at least nearly all. However, you may find it useful to look at the Create Game page to see all the options you have available.

- To organise a game, make a new thread in the multiplayer part of whichever forum you're using to organise the game. You should state what game settings, map and mods you plan to use, and any house rules you want to use.

- Make sure that you state what the game's policy towards treaties and non-aggression pacts is. Should they be inviolable, as many players prefer, or should they be mere words, as in real life? The choice is yours but it's important the players know the ground rules.

- Make sure the thread has a word like "open" or "recruiting" in its title. Be sure to change this once the game's full.

- As players sign up, keep an up-to-date list of nations in the game and who's playing them. This makes it easier for players to see which nation is taken, and later for them to work out who to message if they want to conduct diplomacy.

- As the game organiser, you'll also be the game admin, so read the FAQ section on that as well. In particular, make sure that if you get knocked out you pass the admin password on to one of the players still in the game.
LlamaServer FAQ
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