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Default Game Suggestions

I haven't beta tested or played the game, but here are some suggestions which will increase replay value. The greater the replay value the more likely gamers will purchase sequels and expansions. These might already be included and some might have to wait for a sequel.

1) Random Game Generator = Hooray! This is already within the game and very valuable. Hopefully the random generator will also generate new quests, new NPCs, new enemy bosses, new shops, and different crafting mixtures for each game.

2) Game Engine/Editor = Excellent this is also available. I have found some game editors to be very complex hopefully this game will have friendly functionality. Any complex sections will hopefully have manuals.

3) It appears the gamer plays a character named Rapius... for gamers to feel more attached to the character most game developers allow players to name their own characters. Also character customization creates more of a personal attachment to the character.

4) Multiplayer = A great feature to add which would increase the games community, the games replay value and word of mouth for game sales.

5) Variety of Death Difficulty Settings = Have the gamer choose his death difficulty setting since so many different opinions exist regarding this topic. Here are some examples:
A) Easy Death Setting: Respawn at rebirth location
B) Moderate Death Setting: Same as previous above yet loss of gold and experience
C) Advanced Death Setting: Same as above death setting yet loss of 1 point from a random skill
D) Expert Death Setting: Same as above death setting yet loss of 1 point from a random skill and random statistic.
E) HardCore Death Setting: Death is Permanent... no way out.

6) Randomly Generated Unique Beings/Monsters = Every once in a blue moon the player should encounter some unique special being/monster to fight which was randomly created. For Example = Once in a blue moon combined with the normal 4 skelletons there should also be one which is unique thus a two headed skelleton or a giant skelleton. These features can be combined as well thus creating a giant two headed skelleton. This variable should exist for any beings/monsters on the map. This will help allow for something to come out of the shadows which scares even the best skilled characters.

7) Random Item Formula = Allows items within the game to be more unique and thus increases replay value.
Examples = Variables A, B and C are randomly selected from separate lists.
Kings(A) Poisonous(B) Axe(item) of Death(C)
Ice(B) Knife(item)
Dukes(A) Helm(item) of Minds(C)
Fire(B) Boots(item) of Speed(C)

Using a random item formula means each new game will have new unique items! Hope these ideas help.
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