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Fallout Re: APC Development and related topics.

In joint venture with Turkey, Singapore Technologies Kinetics has developed the TERREX ICV. Singapore will field an initial 135 units to it's Infantry and Guards units during 2010. The TERREX is an 8x8 ICV (Infantry Carrier Vehicle) with a crew of 2 and can carry 12 passengers. Powered by a 400hp CAT C9 Diesel it's speed will be btwn. 110-115km/h. It will sport an independent hydro pneumatic suspension system. Mounted on the chassis it will feature a fully stabilized turret with a remote operated
30mm Bushmaster II. What sets the TERREX apart is that it has a new Acoustic Weapon Detection System (AWDS) on-board along with a Battlefield Management System (BMS). Pictures:
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This is part of Singapore's major effort to modernize it's forces and keep pace with it's regional neighbors such as Indonesia that's doing the same and plans to purchase 420 TERREXs. The TERREX will replace Singapore's V-200 carrier (Will re-verify this.) and augment the purchase in 2005 of the BIONIX II and currently the improved BIONIX III and 2006 purchase from Germany of the LEOPARD IIA4. Pictures:
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If Singapore isn't in SPMBT as was suggested in a thread elsewhere, maybe as the author suggested this can be rectified?
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