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Default Wish List

1. Auto Resolve Combat
Eliminate having to fight each and every useless battle.
Auto Resolve battles like (20 bombers vs. 1 tank), these type of battle get old real fast on a large map.

2. Random (hit/miss)
All weapons always hit, add some randomness to combat.

3. End Game and Victory
The game needs some different victory conditions, having to go back and eliminate some neutral countries after defeating all other opponents seems like a waste of time.
- Win when all computer/player regions are eliminated even if there are still some neutral countries left.
- Win based on selected percent ownership of the map (70, 80, 90, 100 percent of all regions).

4. Unit/Weapon Balance
- Bombers still seem way over powered with their long attack range.
- Infantry should be much harder to kill, maybe they should be hidden/invisible until you are either next to them or after they fire

5. Fog of War
The exact number of enemy units should off a little or not be know without Surveillance Aircraft in range.
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