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Default Re: Too many mages?

Oh dear, now I want to ask two completely separate things!

Originally Posted by bbz View Post
That is dominions 3 wikipedia link, it has all of the vanilla spells,items and units information and other useful stuff in it. Just type the name of the spell and or item and you will see what level of magic and research do they require.
Thank you. When I had looked for "the Strategy Wiki" people seemed to talk about, I had only come across:
which is OK, but seemed to have a lot missing. I think your one is more "complete".

How do these two sites relate?

Now, as to my current situation. You guys advise Dwarven Hammers, for example. Looking in the Wiki, that requires a 3-Earth mage to forge. I am EA C'tis, with a Death & Nature Pretender. I have never met a mage who even has level 1 Earth. That would mean I would have to do 3 levels of Earth empowerment on someone to get there, right? I don't have any Earth income coz I can't even do any Earth searching, so that's a lot. Am I correct or missing something?
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