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Default Re: Customer relations

One constructive thing has come from this thread. We've learned that we (Shrapnel Games and Malfador Machinations) have missed bug reports and complaints. To correct that problem, Malfador has asked that we create one place for reporting bugs and one place for making feature requests. We've opened two threads here for that purpose and ask that you think of them as our ears. If you've reported something in a post elsewhere on these forums or in an email, it would be extremely helpful if you would repost in the new thread. We're trying to get your issues in one place so that they may be addressed. We need to keep those threads concise and free of clutter, so we won't be using them for discussion. If you'd like a separate thread for "bug discussion" let me know via pm, and I'll open a sub-thread for that. Our goal is to address bug reports and wishlists as efficiently as possible. I don't see much else constructive coming from this discussion, so I'm going to lock it down.