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Default Request for more cooperation in order to improve the game

Hey, since the last active threads contain mostly complaints and are getting shut down by Shrapnel because of that, I want to start this thread to resume some sort of cooperation between Shrapnel, Malfador and the remaining community. I'm going to start by citing some answers to support tickets and E-Mails that clearly state what Malfador and Shrapnel want from us in order to continue improving the game. See, I'm not interested in getting an excuse from them. It's much too late, and it's simply no use. What we need is willing beta testers, and a community willing to help in fixing the problems of this game.
And because of Shrapnel's reactions to remove any sort of criticism of their methods here, we need to stop criticisizing and complaining and need to resume working together with them. So: Here are the E-Mails in question. They need to be reposted here because the last thread that contained them was removed:
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